Check-in Places In Sapa During The Lunar New Year 2023

Sapa national tourism area is the most attractive destination in winter of Vietnam. Peach blossom is symbol flower of Sapa, selfie with the symbol flower is nothing better for Tet days (Vietnamese new year holiday).

We’d like to recommend to you some best places to visit Sapa these days:

  1. Peach garden of Sapa tourism house

Sapa tourism house is on No 2, Fansipan st. Free tours, hotels, buses, trains information are supported at the house.

Sapa tourism house is one of a few french villas which can existed affter Vietnam-Franch war ends. 10.000m2 acreage of building and pine, peach, plum garden is the best for you to take Tet photos.

Travellers take photos inside peach garden

  1. Sapa Church

Sapa Church is on Pham Xuan Huan st, which was built since early in the 20th century by French people. Trading and sartuday night Love-market were held round the church by local ethnic groups in the past.

In the present time, many check-in places are built but Sapa church – the symbol of Sapa tourism always is the most attractive place for visitors.

 Tourists selfie in front of Sapa Church

  1. Sapa lake

Mat Ngoc lake (Jade eye lake) is on Xuan Vien st, and is one of the most favourite places in Sapa because of its own stunning landcape, water like jade color, natural wind.

Marigold and hydrangea are planted between willow and cherry trees round the lake. Fansipan mountain can be seen from here, Matngoc lake really is one stunning place for selfie.

  1. Selfie in front of Sun Plaza

Sun Plaza building is on the crossway, where Fansipan meets Caumay st. Big glass windows, pale yellow and jade wall colors are used for all rooms of Large french structure.

The structure makes you feel as you are lost in one french street. Selfie in front of Sun plaza is one of Vietnamese youth trends, how about you?

 Couple takes photos in front of Sun Plaza

  1. Van Xuan park

Vanxuan small park is on Thachson st, near Sapa church. Old peach and plum trees, marigold and hydrangea are planted inside whose blossoms are stunning beautiful in spring.

One fountain and a few Tet icons are set up for Tet festival.

Tourists take photos at Van Xuan park

  1. Sapa square

Sapa square is in the opposite of stone church where sport events, outdoor music concerts or even some fashion shows are organized.

One Tet welcoming music show will be held in the last lunar evening at the square where many Tet activities and icons will be set up for visitors.

 Photos are taken by tourists at the square

Written & photos by Trong Duy

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