Cau May Eco Home – Unique Experience in Sa Pa

Cau May Eco Home – a quiet space where you can mingle with nature, rice fields or experience the daily life of the Mong, Giay, and Red Dao ethnic people.

When you have been to Sa Pa town many times and you are not interested anymore to staying in luxury hotels or the busy space of the city. You want to be close to nature, enjoy the cool space and look for new things. Let’s come to Cau May Eco Home, a romantic homestay located next to Muong Hoa stream, next to the green bamboo forest to feel the difference.

Beautiful flower in front of the house

Cau May Eco Home is located in Giang Ta Chai Mong village, about 14km from the center of Sapa, beside the Cau May bridge. To go to Cau May Eco Home, you can travel by car, motorbike through Sapa ancient carved stones about 1.5km, then walk about 10 minutes to reach this place.

Homestay was designed and rebuilt on the traditional Giay house frame, with spacious garden space. At the homestay, there are separate rooms and dormitories for visitors with full basic amenities.

accommodation inside homestay

Cau May Eco Home is suitable for groups of young people who love to explore nature, foreign tourists who want to learn traditional culture, and families who want to take their children to experience the new things.

Cau May (Rattan) bridge

Here, you can experience fishing at the pond or hydroelectric lake in front of the house, take a dip under the Giang Ta Chai waterfall or walk through the bamboo forest, especially the shivering feeling when stepping on the ancient Cau May Bridge which crossing the Muong Hoa stream. In the evening, you can organize a BBQ and have a fun meal on the natural lawn in front of the house.

Foreign tourists stayed at Cau May Eco Home

Surely, with open space, serenity, fresh air, you will not be disappointed when choosing Cau May Eco Home as the place to stay for your trip. Contact information: Mr. Thu, phone 0333277699.

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