Spiritual Tourism on the top of Fansipan Mt

Sa Pa National Tourist Area, has Fansipan peak – the roof of Indochina, is known as the place where heaven and earth intersect and spiritual energy converges. The spiritual tourism works here attract a large number of tourists wishing to visit and pray for peace.

Since 2016, when the Sunworld Fansipan Legend tourist complex came into operation, it has attracted a large number of domestic and international tourists to Sapa.

In the following years, a series of superficial spiritual tourism works and beautiful architecture continued to be completed.

Up to now, this spiritual tourist complex has gathered impressive works such as: Great Buddha Statue, Bao Thap, Arhat Road, Avalokitesvara Statue…

Along with that, Fansipan tourist area regularly organizes programs. Major Buddhist festivals such as the opening ceremony of the heaven gate, the ceremony to pray for the peace of the nation and the people… contribute to attracting tourists and Buddhist monks and nuns from all over the world.

Let’s visit Lao Cai Tourism and worship at some outstanding spiritual tourism works on the top of Fansipan Mt:

Great Buddha Statue

As one of the tallest Buddha statues in Vietnam (21.5m high, 50 tons in weight), the first floor is a space to rest and enjoy vegetarian dishes;

The second floor arranges space to display images of Buddha. In particular, inside the great Buddha statue is also the place where the Buddha’s relics are placed (like the highest and most special “Buddha treasure” “Dharma treasure” in Vietnam.

Arhat Path

 With a length of 800m with hundreds of years old azalea trees that still bloom in March to May every year.

On this road, visitors will admire 18 statues of Arhat with different standing postures and expressions.

Guanyin Statue

Guanyin Statue is cast of bronze, rises 12m and weighs 18 tons. Her eyes glare east, holding a willow branch on her right hand and a sacred vase on her left hand that symbolize benevolence and kindness.

Kim Son Bao Thang Temple

Located right near the top of Fansipan, this is the largest work in the complex, converging the quintessence of Vietnamese wooden pagoda architecture from the 15th and 16th centuries.

The pagoda was built from natural materials with restored antique tile roof. The structure of the pagoda includes the front hall, the three treasures, the ancestral house, the stone tower, and the three mandarins.

There are also many other spiritual tourism works in this complex such as: 9-storey waterfall, stupa, Bich Van Thien Tu, Thanh Van Dac Lo…

Along with the sacred peak of Fansipan create a spiritual tourism complex. extremely attractive, making every visitor coming to Sapa want to come here at least once.

Thanh Tuan

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