Love Market – An Unique Tourism Product In Lao Cai Province.

“Sapa Love Market” was organised by Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion  Center at the end of 2020 to honor the unique traditional cultural values ​​of ethnic minorities of Sapa in particular and of Lao Cai province in general.

In 2021, “Sapa Love Market” will be held in the end of the year No. 02 – Fansipan street – Sapa town with the combination with “Special art program” will continue to bring Offering unique and impressive experiences with the impressive and delicate display space of brocade mixed with experience activities bearing the traditional cultural of the ethnic minorities here.

Previously, at the end of the 19th century and before the 1980s of the 20th century, when the villages of Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho ethnic minorities faced many difficulties in traveling and exchanging goods. At that time, the whole Sa Pa district had only one market in Sa Pa town, held on every Sunday.

Sapa Love market attracted alot of tourists

After a week of hard work, people come to the market to buy and sell necessary items for the family, and at the same time to exchange feelings, share business experiences with friends, brothers and the others…. Normaly they come to the market on foot and brought things by horses and on foot. Because of the long distance from the villages to the market, so people had to start on Saturday to come to the market in the afternoon to wait for the market on Sunday.

The minorities in Sapa have had many ways to wait for the market on Sunday such as drinking wine, exchanging business experiences, boys and girls sing or dance to dispel the cold of the night. People come to Sapa market not only to exchange goods but also to exchange cultures, express their love for couples and also have the opportunity to exchange and converse with other people, sometimes make new friends.

           Young Mong couple at the love market

Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion Center organizes “Sapa Love Market” in order to reappear and recreate the unique traditional cultural values ​​of the old Sapa Love Market. It’s also help the young generation of  ethnic groups in Sapa and tourists understand deeply about the cultural values ​​and humanity of Love Market.

At the same time, it makes an important contribution to preserve and promote those traditional values. Expressing the noble humanity and love of the couple, the human love is hidden deep in the subtleties of the highland markets. Go to the market to exchange, sing love songs, meet friends again, dance,  play some traditional instruments, talk together and promise for the next markets.

      Bride kidnapping at the market

   Coming to Sapa Love Market on this year, visitors will be immersed in the impressive space of the Love Market, which is delicately blended with the display and perform space by traditional cultural of the ethnic minorities here. Moreover, Sapa Love Market 2021 also brings a special art program called “Weaving Love” that embellishes the romance and sophistication of love stories after each market. It will become a special, attractive tourism product in Sapa.

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