Northwest Cultural Show At Fansipan Cable Car Station

The Northwest culture contains many unique features and has become one of the signs that make up the cultural characteristics of the region. It is also an attractive tourism potential for visitors who love to explore and experience the Northwest Cultural.

Northwest cultural space is an extremely unique and new product, built in the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area. This place recreates the culture, beliefs and customs of the mountainous ethnic people living in Sapa. At the same time preserving the characteristics of ethnic groups and connecting the highland culture to many visitors, the Northwest Cultural Space was officially inaugurated by Sun World Fansipan Legend on the occasion of the holiday April 30 – May 1st in 2023.

Outstanding activities at Northwest cultural space

Visitors enjoy the special performances

The Northwest cultural space recreates a miniature Sapa in the heart of Fansipan with 5 houses of the Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho along with artisans to recreate the culinary quintessence, the handicraft products, the most typical songs and dances of their nation. Visitors have the opportunity to meet and interact with people from many highland ethnic groups, sing and dance together, enjoy a true Northwest space…

Visitors experience activities at the house of the Red Dao people

In particular, the singing and dancing performances in the show will not be the same at different times of the day, so that visitors can return several times a day, and experience the novelty of highland culture imbued with the culture of the highlands art show.

The Northwest cultural space promises to bring experiences of living culture and cuisine from the original Sapa ethnic groups. So, please visit the Northwest Cultural Space to be able to immerse yourself in the flow of an old Sapa in the heart of Fansipan, discover, experience and preserve the beauty of the Northwest.

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