Pan-pipe Of Mong Ethnic

In addition to the unique spiritual life, the Mong people also attach great importance to spiritual and cultural life and they are very fond of art.

The Mong young men, in addition to being a good farmer, must also know how to play the flute and dance the flute. A good trumpet player will have more prestige in the village.

 Khen Mong

Khen is both a musical instrument and a prop; Khen Mong is both a music connecting the physical world and the spiritual world and a means of connecting the community, sharing emotional feelings with an optimistic spirit of love for life.

Khen is created by the Mong men themselves. It doesn’t take much time to make a real trumpet; From chiseling wood gourds, choosing flute pipes, forging brass reeds with many complicated stages, requiring the workers’ feats.

The trumpet consists of 6 hollow bamboo tubes of different lengths connected to a vertical bamboo tube through a small wooden pot, each horizontal bamboo tube has a hole and a copper leaf attached to create a sound, only the largest and shortest tube has 2 leaves. copper. When blowing, the bass and treble sound will depend on the length and short of these bamboo tubes.

Khen Mong in the daily life 

Khen is used to blow in daily life or on occasions such as: New Year’s festivals, spring festivals, fairs, calling for lovers (Mong women are very good at distinguishing and knowing which sound of the person they love) arts (except wedding).

In particular, the Khen is an indispensable item in the funeral custom, because the Mong people believe that the Khen sound is a tool for the living and the deceased to communicate with each other and the new soul is brought back to the ancestors.

The art of performing Khen is also shown very nicely, which is a combination of sounds and movements of the Khen dancer. The Hmong man passionately performs the Khen songs with smooth movements and extremely vivid transformations that not only require ingenuity but also good health.

Khen dance is not only a single dance, a couple dance with girls, but it can be four or more people, when dancing with each other, their feet kick evenly, strong and rhythmically suitable for the Khen dance.

The Khen dance represents the distinct and unique cultural identity of the Mong community in general and the Mong people in particular.

At the same time, these cultural and spiritual values ​​have reminded their children and grandchildren of their roots, carrying a practical meaning of humanity, high community, and a cultural beauty that contributes to promoting and enriching the community. cultures of the ethnic groups in each locality.

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