The Event To Stimulate Lao Cai Tourism in 2021

Sa Pa Love Market in 2021 officially took place to attract a large number of tourists. Sa Pa Love Market was recreated at 9pm on November 19-20/2021. A lot of tourists had come and experienced.

Sa Pa Love Market has been re-enacted by the Tourism Information and Promotion Centre in 2020. Resonated and attracted the attention of a large number of tourists.

In 2021, Sa Pa Love Market will continue to be recreated in the evening of November 19-20/2021.

Visitors can not hide their excitement and curiosity when witnessing the scene of the Mong’s wife pulling, the wedding of the Red Dao, the dance of the flute, the love songs….

Not only are the attractive scenes of the people reproduced, but the dim space of the mountains and forests, the miniatures of the old Sa Pa space are shown realistically, making visitors more interested and curious.

The pomu wooden houses of the Mong people, the peach garden in full bloom, the landscape of Hoang Lien mountain and forest, Fansipan peak, the Muong Hoa stream, the forest of samu trees…

The terraced fields combined with the sound of the flute and the flute The rumbling butt, the dating scene, the love song of the couple creates a beautiful scene.

Sa Pa Love Market still carries its inherent identity, and at the same time blends with the best music and lighting art to bring a charming and attractive show with bold identity.

That ancient space helps visitors experience emotions like standing in the middle of a real love market, hearing, seeing and experiencing the emotions of a love story in the highlands.

And it becomes even more authentic when visitors’ sense of smell is awakened by the aroma of kitchen smoke mixed with the smell of cardamom in the boiling pot of Thang Co.

This is really a tourist destination with a distinct mark, stimulating visitors’ curiosity and desire to experience.

The love market is the place where love begins and it’s also a special destination of the Northwest. Love Market will continue to be recreated on the evening of November 20, 2021.

Thanh Tuan

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