Top Impressive Homestay In The Center Of Sapa Town

In recent years, the trend of community tourism is very developed. Visitors often choose to stay at a homestay instead of a hotel to get the closest access to the unique local culture. Let’s travel to Lao Cai to discover some impressive homestays in Sapa.

  1. Red leaves Homestay Sapa

Lying “crooked” on Hoang Lien Street is a homestay with a cute name – Lá Đỏ. Going self-sufficient, I like to stay at La Do Homestay on a sunny day. At this time, the Muong Hoa Valley appears clearly, both fresh green in color and rosy in the color of azalea flowers like the shy cheeks of H’Mong girls. The price here is also very affordable, so it is suitable for tourists who are still students, students, newcomers or couples looking for a romantic experience.

Address: No. 31, Hoang Lien Street, Sapa, Lao Cai

Reference price: from 500,000 VND/room/night


The entrance of Lá Đỏ homestay

  1. Maison de SaPa

The old French 4-storey villa is located in the middle of Sapa town blending with the mountains and clouds, imagine you are holding a cup of hot herbal tea looking down at the valley, watching time pass. According to the information we received, this villa is also nearly 30 years old, but now this villa has also been restored and upgraded and still retains its ancient features.

Address: 18 silver waterfall, Sapa

Reference price: From 750,000/room/night

From the outside looking at the house more than 30 years old

  1. Chapa Ecolodge Sapa

Nestled in a majestic natural space, isolated from the hustle and bustle, ChapaEcolodge’s center is a great place to see the green terraces, a romantic place surrounded by mountains and forests.

The bedroom is quiet, waking up every morning, looking far away are mothers carrying their children to work in the fields, children before and after children play together to school, … completely free from the chaos. of the city.

This place is very suitable for those who want to hide for a while to fully charge their energy for the next hard time

Address: Group 1, Cau May Ward (500m from Y Linh Ho junction), Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Price: From 850,000 VND/room/night

                                            Enntrance gate of Chapa Ecolodge

  1. D Home Sapa

D HOME is special because checkin checkout by AI technology – face recognition, both convenient and fast. Limit contact as much as possible during the epidemic season, tourists love this type of thing

Not only has the cool space in the room can hunt clouds and watch the whole Muong Hoa train line to help you chill out, D HOME is also very private with a separate kitchen, comfortable cooking without being disturbed by anyone. The rooms are very large and spacious, with a chill bath that you can soak in while watching the clouds fly over the mountains.

Address: 25 Hoang Lien

Price: 800,000 VND/room/night

A chill corner at D – home


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