Golden Stream And Love Waterfall – An Easy Trip In The Middle Of The Forest

Sapa famous for its beautiful natural landscape, fresh climate, and cool year-round. Coming to Sapa, there are many beautiful places for tourists to choose, the Golden Stream – Love Waterfall is one of the beautiful places to visit for tourists when traveling to Sapa.

From the center of Sa Pa town along National Highway 4D, 14km in the southwest direction, towards to Lai Chau province, visitors will encounter the eco-tourism area: Golden Stream – Love Waterfall.

Quiet path in the forest

Golden Stream has a layer of amber-yellow rock underneath the water, so when the sun’s rays come, the whole stream lights up in the middle of the forest, creating a strange and beautiful scene. The water is clear and cool all year round. On one side of the stream, there is a very flat stone path creating a romantic scene, an interesting place to visit for visitors when coming here.

Golden stream

Going to the end of the stream, visitors will reach to Love Waterfall, about 40m high. Water flows from above to form a romantic soft silk. The water splashes white foam, standing next to you will feel the cool steam. Below the waterfall there is a small lake, visitors can bathe here, because the water is very clear and cool.

Love waterfall

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