Tips For Hiking At Night In Sapa

Sapa is one of the best  place to choose to travel in Vietnam, it is atracted by the fresh air, the unique culture of ethnic groups, the best view of the rice fields in  the North. One of the best new thing is Hiking at night. It can be more intimidating and challenging than going during the day. Here are some tips to help make your experience more comfortable and fun.

Head out for a view of the sunset:Starting your evening hike with a goal like this can make it easier to get motivated to get outside at the end of the day when your body would otherwise be winding down. 

Hike with a full moon: If you’re new to night hiking this is a good way to start. You’ll be able to see much more and depend on your headlamp a lot less.

Don’t go solo:

Hiking at night can be intimidating and your mind can be your own worst enemy when you’re out there by yourself. Every snap of a twig or looming shadow can feel like a threat. If you’re just getting into hiking at night, go with a group of friends.

       Porter is very important for hiking at night

Start on a familiar trail: If you’re new to night hiking, start on a trail that you’ve hiked many times before during the day so it won’t feel quite so foreign at night.

Pick the right location:

You can night hike just about anywhere, so it depends on what you’re after. Open areas with reflective surfaces like light-colored rocks are easier to navigate and give you a great view of the sky for stargazing. Choose a local company to do it well in Sapa with a good local guide.

Be ready for wildlife: Most of your nighttime wildlife encounters are likely to be benign, but it’s important to do your research about animals common in your area and be aware of your surroundings.

       Camping on the top of the mountain

Slow down: Darkness makes terrain more challenging, even on familiar trails. Rocks and roots can seemingly come out of nowhere to trip you up or twist an ankle.

Slow down and don’t expect to hike at the same pace you would in daylight. Going slow also lets you observe things you might miss otherwise.

Be observant: It’s easy to get turned around in the dark, even on a trail that you’ve been on a bunch of times during the day. Watch for trail markers and turns.

If you intentionally leave the trail to scramble on rocks or lay down in a meadow, be sure to remember how to get back on track.

Keep your pack organized:

It can be harder to find things buried in your pack at night. Stow important items like your water bottle and food in easy-to-reach places so you won’t have to turn on your headlamp.

Enjoy breakfast and sigh-seeing sea of clouds

    Bring layers: With the setting sun comes cooler temperatures, so check the forecast and dress accordingly. If you start out before sunset, bring along an extra layer to pull on when it cools off.

Bring a cellphone:Understand that you can’t always count on getting cell service. It’s also easier to have nice photos with your friends.

Above are some tips for you to have a best Hiking at night in Sapa with the most wonderful experiences.

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