Y Ty’s Cool Climate – A Destination For Tourists Looking To Escape The Heat And Humidity In The Summer

With a fresh and cool climate, beautiful natural scenery and unique cultural identity, Y Ty is an attractive destination for tourists in the summer days.

Y Ty’s summer brings an idyllic beauty and a bit of wildness. With an altitude of over 2000m above sea level, Y Ty’s climate extremely cool and has its average temperature ranging from 18 to 28 o C.

The attraction of Y Ty is the scene of the wide blue sky and white clouds. The clouds float up to the top, hovering over the village, sometimes slowly descending into the valley. That’s really making a beautiful landscape picture.

Beautiful sceney in Y Ty with rice fields and traditional house of Ha Nhi ethnic

Summer in Y Ty is also extremely attractive with green terraced fields. When the rays of the summer sun shine through the forest, it is also the time when the terraced fields in Y Ty put on a fresh green color. The rice is covered with green and creating a brilliant natural landscape. In the midst of an immense green, the mushroom-shaped houses hidden among the clouds will be ready to overwhelmed anyone.

Besides enjoying the cool atmosphere, you can experience the Y Ty highland market held every Saturday. Another option for you is enjoy delicious Ha Nhi’s traditional dishes such as “banh day”, colorful sticky rice, chicken, shiitake mushrooms, wild vegetables, Ha Nhi beer or typical summer fruits such as: slit, pear… Ha Nhi beer is a special drink of the locals that I firmly believe you should try at least once.

Y Ty is an ideal choice for a large number of tourists in the summer. Make a plan for your vacation right away to explore this peaceful land and feel the coolness in hot summer days.

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