Enjoy Sapa’s Cuisine In The Winter

Sapa – the famous destination with many unique specialties will be the ideal place for winter trips. Let’s enjoy and explore Sapa’s cuisine in winter.

  1. Thang co

One of the specialities when visiting Lao Cai is Thang co.

Thang co is cooked quite simply with 12 traditional spices including cardamom, citronella, cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger and many other special spices of the highland ethnic groups.

Main materials including meat, bones, blood and organs of horses combined with special spices will create the delicious dish with attractive flavor.

Thang co can be eaten with “Mèn mén” and grilled corn cakes.

Especially in the winter day, eating Thang co and drinking with a cup of Bac Ha or San Lung and Thanh Kim rice, you will feel the wonderful, unforgettable flavor of this special dish.

  1. Sturgeon hotpot

Coming to Sa Pa, Y Ty or any other place in Lao Cai, visitors can easily enjoy the famous sturgeon hotpot.

This is a suitable dish in the chilly evening of the highlands.

Sturgeon bones are crispy like cartilage, very delicious and quite interesting, especially when processed into hot pot.

The boiling hot pot with fish and fresh vegetables and sweet soup will make diners absolutely love it.

  1. Barbecue

On cold winter days, grilled meat with attractive flavor will dispel the cold outside, and invite visitors to enjoy. From familiar and available ingredients, Sapa people have created special dishes.

Grilled meat with all colors and ingredients from meat to vegetables.

Enjoying the sweetness of the meat and  vegetables, and the special spices  will make you want to eat more.

  1. Sausage

Sausage is the specialty of Lao Cai highlands that are loved by many diners.

The main ingredients to make sausage are pork and intestines.

To have the delicious and colorful sausage dish, the pork must choose the best part of pork shoulder or to make sure that the meat is not too dry or too fatty.

The process is also very complicate. Processing this sausage is extremely simple, just wash off the layer of smoke of sausage skin, fry, slice thinly and eat with chili sauce or with vegetables.

If you go to Sapa, don’t forget to enjoy the special dishes for winter, and you can enjoy the complete trip with your friends and relatives.

Nguyen Thuy

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