Weather in Sa Pa during Lunar New Year 2024

Spring in Sa Pa often has an ideal temperature range of 15 – 18°C, lasting from February to early May. The weather during the Tet holiday in Sa Pa is characterized by cool, pleasant air, cloudy in the morning, and dry at night, creating favorable conditions for your first spring trip of the year.

The weather in early spring is extremely pleasant and ideal

According to the Lao Cai Provincial Hydrometeorological Station, this year’s weather in Sa Pa has temperatures ranging from 09 – 17°C. There may be light sunshine during the day but it is still cold and the night is bitterly cold. Occasionally there is scattered drizzle in some places. If you want to bring children to travel to Sa Pa during the Tet holiday, you must prepare warm clothes, wool hats, shoes, socks, and scarves for them to avoid catching a cold.

Tourists participate in traditional festivals in early spring

When you come to Sa Pa during the Lunar New Year, you will be fascinated by the charming beauty of the plum and peach blossom forests, along with the excitement of the lives of the people in the village. During this period, the mountains, valleys and streets of Sa Pa are decorated with thousands of blooming flowers, making the surrounding atmosphere more brilliant and lively than ever.

Tourists excitedly watch and take photos of snow falling on terraced fields

In particular, because the terrain in the high mountains is the first place to receive cold air from the North, almost every Tet holiday in Sa Pa is cold. If you are lucky, you will also have the opportunity to see the snowfall, a wonderful experience only in Sa Pa./.

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