Do And Do Not When Traveling To Sapa

Sapa is one of the best destination to travel in Vietnam, its famous of the climate, scenery and traditional costume of different minorities ethnics. If you are planning to visit Sapa, immediately pocket the following notes to ensure your trip is always smooth and more meaningful!

During the Sapa tour, visiting the villages of ethnic minorities will be an experience that tourists should not miss. However, to have a good trip, it is important for visitors to learn about the customs and traditions of the locals. Something you should know: On the way to visit the villages, if visitors come across a welcome gate that is tied with wooden swords, knives or heads, chicken wings … then you should change direction to another place. Because at that time, it is possible that the village is organizing spiritual and cultural activities, worshiping and not wanting the intrusion of strangers. Such festivals usually take place in lunar February, June, or July.

In addition, when traveling in the village, do not laugh or talk too loudly, you should be gentle and respect the inherent quiet landscape. Besides, when you see children, no matter how cute they are, you should not pat them on the head. Because, according to the opinion of local people, patting the baby’s head will make them easily panic and get sick.

On the street in the town or in the villages, you will see many local children, women or babies, you should not give any candy or money for them, also should not buy or use any services with them. Because they will let their children give up the school to earn the money from tourists.

Do not buy from street vendors

Traveling to Sapa without exploring customs and traditions of locals people here is a regret for tourists. Sapa is famous for its specialties that cannot be found anywhere else. However, there are still some custums  that visitors will find difficult to understand and unfamiliar with them. Therefore, you should learn about adapt and ask the locals before doing what you want carefull: Take photos, visite the local house or take away any thing from the villages…

Do not rent or use non-traditional costumes of Sa Pa ethnic groups

Above are  things to note when visiting Sapa that you can refer to. Hopefully this article will bring useful information for your upcoming Sapa trip. Discover and save beautiful photos in Sapa!


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