A pan-pipe of Mong people

If anyone has ever visited the villages of the H’Mong people, it will be hard to forget the passionate and fierce of the pan-pipe running through the streams, pervading in the clouds with the trees and flowers, resounding around the forest that create a lovely song.

There is a moving story for a legend which hidden in the  pan-pipe. The story told about a sentiment of six close-knit brothers even they didn’t live together. Five bamboo pipes and one pomu pipe symbolize the sentiment of six brothers. In spite of the separation, their close-knit still keep continuing and create a sweet love-song of forest. Besides, the pan-pipe also has associated with the life of the H’mong people.

The H’mong boys always bring with him a pan-pipe even when they go up and down the fields or go to the market to find their girlfriends. When the boys have a good mood or not, they usually use the sound of the pan-pipe to show their emotions. In addition, when someone passed away, the pan-pipe also plays an important function as the link to lead the soul  return to their ancestors.


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