The Original Rattan Bridge In Giang Ta Chai Village

Sapa is well know with Silver waterfall and Rattan bridge” The first sentence of any visitor when coming to Sapa. The original Rattan bridge located in Giang Ta Chai village, build by local people who live along Muong Hoa valley, about 13km away from center of Sapa.

In the past, the villagers went to the forest to get rattan ropes, wrapped through two big trees on the side of the Muong Hoa stream then caned them together and attached 20cm plates of pine wood between to make the bridge. That’s how it’s called the “Rattan Bridge”. Nowadays, the bridge is made by iron cable with steel sheet for safe and convenient travel. Perhaps, because of the emotional attached to the old swingning romantic bridge.

In Ta Van village have new bridge restored by one local family also knew as Clouds bridge. This bridge was very famous around the world after the picture of photographer Skip Nall from USA uploaded on internet.  the Rattan bridge, this make visitors excited to be able to cross over the bridge when they come to Sapa.

Because of the erosion process and the huge demand for visiting Sapa, Cloud Bridge was broken. For traveling motivation, local people built another wooden bridge near the old one. On the other hand, they continued to fix the Cloud Bridge and made it be used for only sightseeing purposes.

But many visitors when traveling to Sapa looking for the original Rattan bridge in Giang Ta Chai village, it is located about 4km from the new bridge. Its very degradation now, and not possible to crossing, just for visit and take a photos.

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