Where Should You Go To See Beautiful Scenery And Villages In Sa Pa

If you are traveling to Sa Pa in the future, do not miss you time to visit some of most beautiful village and sigh-seeing place in Sa Pa, such as:

Ta Phin village

Ta Phin village is home of two ethnic groups are Red Dao and Black Mong, about 14km east of Sa Pa town center. It has beautiful natural landscape, cultural features imbued with national identity with famous brocade craft.

Coming to Ta Phin village, visitors can visit the interesting Ta Phin cave with fairies, distant fields, sparkling forests… created by stalactites.

In addition, there is an ancient  monastery built during the French colonial period. Also, Ta Phin is the best place in Sa Pa, where you can enjoy medicinal herb bath.

Exploring traditional cultural of Red Dao ethnic in Ta Phin

Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa valley is the most beautiful valley in Sapa with majestic terraced fields, belonging to three communes Hau Thao, Lao Chai and Ta Van, which is home to three ethnic groups of Black Mong, Red Dao and Giay with different customs and habits but they living together. About 8km southeast of Sapa town.

Beautiful green valley

Cat Cat village

This is a small and old village of the Mong people, 3km from the center of Sapa town. This place also preserves many traditional crafts such as planting jute, flax, melaleuca weaving…

There is a very poetic Tien Sa waterfall, because of this reason, there used to be a hydroelectric power plant here. Now is the folk music and dance area) built by the French.

Heaven’s Gate

Out of Sapa town, go to the northwest about 15km, the road to the heaven gate zigzags in the middle of the mountain with the same message.

This pass is called Tram Ton, weaving between the majestic Hoang Lien Son range. And the gate of heaven is the top of this pass.

Standing in the middle of Sapa’s heaven gate, you can zoom in the vast valley below with green fields, a road going up and down, and Silver Waterfall.

You  also can feel the arrogance of the peak of Fansipan with the back the sky, below are the deep abysses.

Great view from Heaven gate

Silver Waterfall – Love Waterfall

From Sa Pa town, going to the northwest about 12km on the way to Lai Chau, visitors have the opportunity to see the highest waterfall in Sapa (this is Silver Waterfall, with an entrance fee of 20,000 VND/person) flows down from an altitude of over 200m into the stream below the O Quy Ho valley, creating an impressive mountain sound.

The right time to see Silver Waterfall is in the summer (rainy season). From Silver Waterfall, go another 3 km, visitors will go to Hoang Lien National Park where there is romantic Love Waterfall. This is the starting point to conquer Fansipan peak.

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