Bat Xat Autumn Festival With Many Interesting Activities

Bat Xat Autumn Festival is the annual activity to create opportunities for tourists to visit natural resources and learn about the culture of the Bat Xat ethnic groups. This year, Bat Xat held many many interesting activities to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Coming to Bat Xat from June to September, visitors will admire the beautiful moment of changing seasons. In the cool weather, sunny days, the scenery suddenly becomes more poetic with the valleys of terraced fields.

With the desire to preserve, promote the unique culture and introduce the beautiful natural scenery, Bat Xat Autumn Festival were organized with the large scale with many attractive activities such as: Experience of harvesting Tai Nung pear in Nam Pung commune; Bat Xat Offroad Challenger 2023; Paragliding performance “the golden season of Bat Xat” in 2023; Climbing to conquer Lao Than peak “Conquering the roof of Y Ty” 2023…

In addition, Bat Xat Autumn Festival has some auxiliary activities such as: Visiting and experiencing the waterfalls (Green Waterfall, Hong Ngai Waterfall, Thien Sinh Waterfall, Red Waterfall, Fairy Waterfall, Dragon Waterfall, Queen Bee Waterfall, Long Than Dieu Waterfall); Sightseeing, experiencing, conquering the mountain peaks (Pu Ta Leng, Ky Quan San, Nhiu Co San…)

With the outstanding activities, Bat Xat Autumn Festival is gradually becoming a typical brand associated with Bat Xat and become one of the most attractive activities in the region. Coming to Bat Xat in the early autumn days is the opportunities to admire the distinctive colors among the majestic mountains and experience the unique cultural and sports activities available here.

Nguyen Thuy

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