Recommendation When Traveling In Sapa

Sa Pa is a famous tourist area with spectacular natural scenery, typical climate and unique ethnic cultural identity. In which, the cultural characteristics of the ethnic groups is one of the tourism potentials to create competitiveness for the local tourists.

Say no with costumes  not from ethnic groups in Sa Pa

In Cat Cat tourist destination and some other place, there are many businesses shops providing rental services for photography.

But they are renting costumes that are not ethnic costumes of Vietnam in general and Sa Pa – Lao Cai in particular, cause a lot of controversy and affect the image of Sapa tourism.

In order to honor the cultural values of the ethnic groups, Sapa Culture and Information Department recommends tourism service businesses, specifically the rental of costumes and accessories for take a photo:

– Do not continue to rent foreign costumes and antiques, affecting to the brand of Sa Pa tourism destination;

– To encourage business establishments providing rental services to take photos to supplement the costumes bearing the cultural identity of Sa Pa ethnic minorities in particular (Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho) and Vietnamese ethnic groups in general for tourists to choose.

– Enhance propaganda about the beauty and meaning in traditional costumes of Vietnamese ethnic groups in general and traditional costumes of ethnic minorities in Sa Pa town in particular to visitors for visitors to choose for a set of photos in Sapa.

Local women in their traditional costumes

It is recommended that tourists who need to rent costumes and accessories to take photos during their visit in Sapa choose the local traditional costumes, say no to foreign costumes and antiques at the tourist attractions.

We look forward to receiving the cooperation of business establishments as well as visitors.

Thanh Tuan

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