Schedule Maintenance Of Fansipan Cable Car

In order to serve tourists with the best experience, the management board of Sun World Fansipan Legend stops the cable car and funicular for a certain period of time for maintenance.

According to the official notice that the management board of Sun World Fansipan Legend sent to all tour operators, the cable car system and funicular will stop operating from September 11, 2023 until the end of 15. September 2023 to perform routine system maintenance. The Sun World Fansipan Legend would like to inform you to arrange the plan to visit and experience Sapa in the near future.

Fansipan cable car take you to the highest mountain in Viet Nam and Indochina

If you have good health and long time for travel, you can conquer Fansipan peak by trekking by mountain route. However, this route requires you to have endurance and a walking schedule within 1-3 days both ways.

In addition, if you can not do the trekking to Fansipan mountain, you can visits some other destinations, such as: Silver Waterfall, Love Waterfall, Cat Cat village, Ta Van village, Ta Phin village…

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