Coming To Bac Ha On Tam Hoa Plum Season

Coming to Bac Ha this season, besides visiting some famous places such as Hoang A Tuong palace, Ban Pho village, Trung Do Temple or Bac Ha Market you also have the opportunity to Enjoy the delicious Tam Hoa plum – a typical specialty of  white highland.

Is it very easy to buy plums at the market and enjoy them with the sweet and sour taste characteristic? Before eating, will you carefully wash each fruit? Will you pick crispy crisps with soup or salt? That is what you will do when you enjoy plums in the usual way. Do you want to have a fresh experience with this attractive one? If the answer is yes, please quickly plan to come to Bac Ha – Tam Hoa plum season and just in a moment when registering at the Tourism Information and Promotion Center – Hoang A Tuong Palace where you will have  the opportunity to experience one of the new and most attractive tour in the North – East of Lao Cai province.

Bac Ha – Lao Cai is considered as the “Capital” of Tam Hoa plum with vast plums in the communes near the district centers such as Na Hoi, Ban Pho, Hoang Thu Pho, Giang Giang … The season of Tam Hoa plum from May to June, when the weather is warmer. Let go of the plum crisps that are extremely stimulating sight in the market and do not hesitate to spend some time on the tour to discover plum garden of their compatriots, because they are not far from the town. For sure you will not regret to spent time for this enjoyable experience.

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    Entering the center of plum plum orchards, you can see the plumage plumage, blue, purple, purple, covered with a layer of white powder, I also want to grab some fruit right into my mouth and taste it. Remember to prepare by  yourself a small basket to hand pick can imagine,  warking alone with a basket in the orchard and chose any plum by your self to give your friend or your familly.

           Maybe the first taste will make you slightly frown, but you can not stop trying to continue to taste one more, and then again, no need any spice and wash it, because they are really Very clean … The feeling of sitting down under the tree, watching the plum on the tree and sip the unique taste of plum in Bac ha will make you have a special feeling.

          Do not rush out of plum garden even though there are many plans waiting. Just keep playing and carefully select each plum that you want to pickyou’re your basket, enjoy every moment of peace and calm in this place. Your will have a great experience with a wondeful story to tell your friends and your family.


Translator by To Uyen

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