Dragon Waterfall In Bat Xat – Attractive Tourists In The Summer

Dragon Waterfall is located in the area between Trung Ho village and Po Ho Thap village, Trung Leng Ho commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. The waterfall is very high, with fast flowing water like a white dragon in the middle of the rocky mountain, so the waterfall is also known as White Dragon.

The road to Dragon waterfall

The road to Dragon waterfall is convenient. From Lao Cai to Muong Hum market, you can ask any local people you meet on the way, you will be directed to Trung Leng Ho, then continue to Trung Ho or Po Ho Thap village to reach Dragon waterfall. If you go by car, you need to stop the car and walk about 2km. If you ride a motorbike, you have to walk about 1km.

Bat Xat Dragon Waterfall

Dragon Waterfall has been known for a short time. Previously, the road was difficult, so few people went to the waterfall. Currently, many roads are paved with concrete, so many people come to explore and admire Dragon Waterfall.

Visitors at Bat Xat dragon waterfall

Dragon waterfall area is still quite, currently there is no tourist service and support for visitors, so if you plan to explore it, you should prepare food and water for your picnic. Don’t miss the opportunity to do fishing here, because the stream area at the foot of the waterfall has a lot of fish.

At the foot of the waterfall is a fairly large puddle, there are a number of rafts available and free to lend. Many tourists enjoy rowing near the foot of the waterfall to feel the coolness of the water. However, this puddle is deep and the rafts are quite rudimentary, so to ensure safety, visitors should bring life jackets.

Coming to Dragon Waterfall, Bat Xat is very suitable for a weekend picnic. The water flows as a white column of water, the steam emitted so the air here is very cool and fresh. In particular, the natural landscape of this region is also very majestic.

To prevent unexpected watershed floods, Lao Cai tourism encourages you to come here on a sunny day to avoid rainy days. In addition, in order to protect the natural environment at Dragon Waterfall, you and your delegation maintain environmental hygiene, do not litter indiscriminately and absolutely do not negatively affect the lifestyle of indigenous people.

For more information about Dragon Waterfall or ask about the way to Bat Xat, you can contact Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion Center, 02, Fansipan, Sa Pa town, phone 0214 3871 975 (office hours), or via fanpage facebook.com/visit.laocai, website laocaitourism.vn for free information support.

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