Rong May Glass Bridge – An Attractive Destination With Many Interesting Experiences

Rong May glass bridge is located on top of O Quy Ho pass, belonging to Rong May glass bridge tourist area in Son Binh commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province and about 17km from Sapa center. When coming here, visitors will experience exciting feelings at high altitudes such as hunting clouds, taking photos in front of majestic mountain landscapes…

Rong May Glass Bridge officially came into operation in November 2019 and is considered the highest glass bridge in Vietnam. This place is also known as Heaven’s Gate on O Quy Ho peak. The project is made entirely of transparent tempered glass with a total thickness of 7cm and has undergone strict evaluation. The bridge has a walkway about 5m wide, 60m long from the elevator room and 600m long, clinging to the edge of a cliff 2200m above sea level. Visitors will be able to see the depth under the mountain clearly or look far away to enjoy the atmosphere and majestic natural scenery. However, this bridge is really not suitable for those who are afraid of heights or those with a weak heart.

Panorama of Rong May Glass Bridge

Interesting experiences at Rong May glass bridge

Glass elevator
People use glass elevators to go from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. When standing in the elevator, you will see all the beauty of the beautiful mountains and forests outside and traveling by elevator is also very safe. This is the fastest way to move from the foot of the mountain to the glass bridge area and mountain play area. Taking a ride on Vietnam’s first glass elevator will surely be an unforgettable memory for any tourist who experiences it for the first time.

Tourists check in on the glass bridge

Walk on clouds

After taking the elevator up, visitors will see a glass bridge system connected to the cliff. On cloudy days, you will feel like you are riding clouds or walking in the air like in the movies you watch, walking in the air like in the movies you often watch. However, experiencing the glass bridge on beautiful sunny days is still the best. You will freely admire the sky and clouds, mountains and forests… and have sparkling, magical pictures. Standing on the glass bridge, visitors will be able to see O Quy Ho Pass – one of the four most beautiful passes in Vietnam.

Walk on clouds

Participate in adventure games

There are many adventure games built at the glass bridge that promise to be an attractive entertainment spot for those who like thrills. Among them is the Zipline slide game. Participants will be equipped with protective equipment and safety cables, then slide down from the top of the mountain. Next is Bungee jumping from a high cliff down, until not far from the contact surface the player will be pulled up. This is also an experience that makes everyone fall in love with it from the first time and is a game that any young person should try once in their life. All of these games challenge your courage and bring a feeling of fear but excitement and enjoyment to visitors.

Participate in adventure games

Rong May Glass Bridge built according to international standards will be the new attractive destination for tourist and bring memorable experiences for you when traveling to Sapa.

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