Visiting And Experiencing Tam Hoa Plum Gardens In Bac Ha

Visiting Bac Ha White Plateau this summer, visitors have the opportunity to visit, experience and explore Tam Hoa plum gardens and pick plums directly at the garden on the time of harvesting season.

For a long time, Tam Hoa plum has become a tourism symbol of Bac Ha, in spring white plum bloom throughout the forest, in summer, ripen plums in bunches.

Bac Ha’s Tam Hoa Plums begin to ripen from the beginning of May, but the main harvesting season in June every year.

Visiting Bac Ha on this occasion, you will be “full of eyes” with plums, everywhere is the scene of busy trading.


















Going to Bac Ha to pick ripen Tam Hoa plums

Coming to Bac Ha in the ripen plum season, you can visit the garden and pick the ripen plums by yourself, bite lightly to feel the sweetness of the specialty here.

If you want to buy and take home, the garden owners will calculate the selling price according to the market price, an average cost of you from 20,000 to 60,000 VNĐ per kilogramme.

Visitors come to the garden to pick fresh and delicious plums

You can go to Na Hoi, Ta Chai, Ban Pho communes to pick plums at the gardens. Or visit fruit farm just 1 km away from Hoang A Tuong palace towards to Si Ma Cai district.

Visiting the Tam Hoa plum gardens in Bac Ha is the new, interesting and memorable experience for visitors.

This is also a new type of service to create the attractive destination for tourists when coming to Bac Ha.

Nguyen Thuy

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