Bac Ha White Plateau Festival In The Summer Of 2023

With the theme of White Plateau Dance, the Bac Ha White Plateau Festival in the summer of 2023 is rushing to prepare special activities to welcome domestic and foreign visitors come to participate.

The highlight of this year’s Festival is the 16th Bac Ha Traditional Horse Racing, which will take place in the qualifying round on the morning of June 3, the final round on June 10, 2023 and the opening ceremony.

The girls on horseback parade to welcome the competition

In addition, visitors can also learn more information about the national intangible cultural heritage of horse racing through horse parades and street art performances associated with cultural, sports and conquest meanings nature and praise the process of attachment of horses to the lives of ethnic minorities in Bac Ha district.

Brocade colors of ethnic minorities in Bac Ha district participate in the parade at the Street Festival

Besides the main activities, there are many activities to explore and learn about the cultural identities of the ethnic groups;

Visit cultural, historical, and scenic relics such as: visiting the 102-year-old Hoang A Tuong Palace;

Opening a pedestrian street associated with Bac Ha night market on the evening of June 10;

Visit, experience and harvest ripe plums or a variety of agricultural products at Kale farm;

Participate in the community tourism program of the Tay people in Ban Lien;

Experience boating on the Chay River to Hang Tien for camping, picnicking, …. will last for the duration of the festival.

The experience of sailing on Chay River is very popular with tourists

As one of the annual events of the district, the Bac Ha White Plateau Festival in the summer of 2023 with the theme of Highland Dance promises to be an impressive program of experiences, creating a highlight that attracts a large number of tourists. to Bac Ha – Lao Cai in particular, the Northwest region in general.

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