Discover Tam Hoa Plum Season In Bac Ha

Coming to Bac Ha – Lao Cai in the summer, visitors are not only impressed by the vibrant colors of ethnic minority women’s dresses; by the majestic and poetic natural landscape; but also enjoy Tam Hoa plums that are thick, crispy, sweet…

Bac Ha is known as the capital of Tam Hoa plum of the Northwest. Thanks to favorable climatic and soil conditions, this plum variety, after being bred about 40 years ago, gives such great results.

Since then, Tam Hoa plum has become more known and become one of the “tourism symbols” of Bac Ha with clusters of ripe red plums on the branches inviting visitors.

Tam Hoa plums in Bac Ha usually start to ripen from the beginning of May, but are at their peak in June.

Coming to Bac Ha on this occasion, visitors have the opportunity to experience picking and enjoying ripe red Tam Hoa plums. , succulent, delicious right in the garden.

Tam Hoa Bac Ha plum has a dark purple skin, covered with white chalk, moderate sweetness, when enjoyed, it is easy to feel the tension, crunch, sweet, very thick intestine different from many other plums.

Depending on the size of the fruit, Tam Hoa plum has very rustic but no less witty names, such as: super big plum, selected plum, big plum, bucket plum, etc.

In the  white plateau Bac Ha, plum trees are grown most on the hillside, covering the small plains between the mountains in the communes near the district center, such as Na Hoi, Ban Pho, Ta Chai, and Thai Giang Pho, Hoang Thu Pho,…

Or now many families have expanded their plum growing area on plots of land around town called garden plums.

It is known that Tam Hoa plum season in Bac Ha district this year produces high quality, large and wrong fruit.

Although the process of urbanization has reduced the cultivated area, the output is estimated at more than 3,500 tons, slightly higher than in 2021, the plum design is also more beautiful.

Tam Hoa plums are sold everywhere in Bac Ha with prices ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 VND/kg depending on the quality and size of the fruit.

But with a distinct delicious taste, beautiful plums are still chosen by tourists and locals, even though their prices are a bit high.

If you have the opportunity to come to Bac Ha, you should definitely not miss this rustic but extremely interesting experience!

Phuong Chi Ly

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