Muong Khuong Tangerine – A Sweet Fruit In The Border Highlands

A juicy and rich fruit rich in vitamin C, loved by many ages, is Muong Khuong tangerine.


Muong Khuong is a border district in the northeast of Lao Cai province, about 55km from the city center. Along Highway 70 from Lao Cai city to Ban Phiet,  go about 16 km, then turn left onto Highway 4D to go to Muong Khuong.

This place is famous for famous specialties such as chili sauce, Thang Co, Sen Cu rice, … and not to mention Muong Khuong tangerine.

Coming to Muong Khuong by car, bus or motorbike in the ripe tangerine season, visitors will experience harvesting and enjoying this specialty fruit.

(Pic 1: Muong Khuong tangerine – A specialty of rocky mountains Muong Khuong)

Tangerine in season

Currently, Muong Khuong has 3 seasons of tangerines: early season, main season tangerines and late season.

The time of the tangerine season starts from mid-September this year to February next year. With the terrain located at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level, there is a temperate climate sub-region.

The temperature in Muong Khuong difference between day and night, fog and high humidity make the quality of mandarin and citrus fruits grown here superior to other places.

(Pic 3: Quyt Sen – Thick, juicy, large citrus fruit)


Because tangerines are juicy, have a mild sour taste, are easy to eat, affordable prices range from 25,000 – 30,000/kg. So they are very popular with consumers and tourists everywhere.


Muong Khuong tangerines are grown according to VietGap standard organic methods, so there are no pesticides, pesticides or growth stimulating products.

(Pic 5: Tangerines are stamped with traceability stamps)

With the dedication to meticulous care of the indigenous people and the favor of nature, Muong Khuong tangerines have been granted a geographical indication certificate by the National Office of Intellectual Property. Beside, they are a 3 star OCOP certified product.

(Pic 6: Booth displaying tangerines at the agricultural fair)

In addition to branding, every year Muong Khuong opens a “Tangerines Festival” combining attracting tourists and promoting and consuming agricultural products.

Come to Muong Khuong to enjoy the typical flavor of this specialty fruit and buy it as a gift for your relatives and friends.

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