Speciality Foods Of Ethnic Group In Sapa In The Lunar New Year

Sa Pa is a picturesque town located in the Lao Cai province of Vietnam. It is known as a rich cultural diversity and it is home to several ethnic groups with their own unique culinary. Here are some special foods of ethnic groups in Sa Pa:

– Dried Buffalo meat of Mong people (thit trau say). It is known that the buffalo meat dish originated from the Black Thai people, and buffalo meat is a dish extremely popular with highland ethnic people and can be used at any time of the year. However, during Tet, mountainous people often have the custom of killing an entire buffalo, cow or pig and processing it into many different dishes to celebrate the New Year, and among them, dried buffalo meat has the simplest way to make it.

Dried Buffalo meat of Mong people (thit trau say)

  – Black square sticky rice cake (banh chung den): Black square sticky rice cake of the Tay people is one of the Sapa specialties food that is only wrapped during Tet and this cake is considered a dish that “meets the essence of the Northwest heaven and earth”. Black banh chung has unique features from color to flavor.

And to get delicious cakes on Tet holiday, the cake wrapper must prepare all the ingredients many months in advance. One must choose the best type of sticky rice with white, round seeds, wild dong leaves, fatty meat, green beans, pepper and cardamom which are also carefully selected to be able to create the perfect taste for the black sticky rice cake.

  Black square sticky rice cake (banh chung den)

– Sticky Rice inside the bamboo of Giay people (Com Lam): Sticky rice cooked inside bamboo tubes. It is usually stored in bamboo tubes, not too old or too young. Each tube of bamboo is about 30cm long. Rice is cooked from upland sticky rice, a variety grown on terraced fields typical of highland people. The sticky rice is washed and soaked in water first, then put into about 2/3 of the bamboo tube, then add a little salt and water to give the rice an attractive and new flavor…

  Sticky Rice inside the bamboo of Giay people

– Five-Color Sticky Rice (Xoi Ngu Sac): Five-color sticky rice is a traditional dish of the Tay people on holidays when there are distinguished guests at home. And to have a delicious pot of sticky rice, the rice must be cooked with famous upland sticky rice and follow a process from choosing forest leaves or plants to dye the sticky rice grains to preparing the sticky rice.

And five-color sticky rice is considered one of the attractive dishes with the flavor of forest leaves and natural aroma that makes visitors enjoy once and remember forever.

Five colour sticky rice of Tay ethnic in Sapa

– Grilled stream fish of Tay ethnic (ca suoi nuong): Different from the complex Sapa specialties, grilled stream fish attracts tourists with the typical rustic flavor of Northwest mountain and forest cuisine. Stream fish in Sapa is soft, firm meat and is considered the most delicious and attractive in the Northwest. This is a diverse type of small fish such as goby, flower fish…To enjoy grilled stream fish with its unique flavor, after catching the fish, skewer them on bamboo and grill them on a wood stove, adding some spices. Just like that, you will have a delicious and attractive grilled fish meal. In addition, local people often grill fish at the stream, then take it home to eat later or sell it at markets. This helps visitors easily buy this attractive Sapa specialty.

This is a diverse type of small fish such as goby, flower fish

These are just a few examples of the delicious and unique foods you can find among the various ethnic groups in Sa Pa. Exploring the local markets and trying out these traditional dishes is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the region.

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