Four Season in Sapa

      Sapa is a small mountainous tourism town at an altitude of 1,500 m with a temperate climate. The catch of the most appropriate time to come to Sa Pa will make the trips of tourists more meaningful.
Depend on the purpose of travel such as sightseeing, enjoying cuisine, hiking, discovering culture, climbing Fansipan mountain, we suggest some Sapa weather characteristics for you to choose appropriate time for your travel.

Winter period (from the begin of November this year until the end of February next year).

This is the time of the end of winter, Sapa weather is very cold, temperature is usually at 2-12 degree, sometimes down -1 degree, it has a lot of fogy days, a few years has snow once, every year usually has ice. Sapa winter brings opportunity for tourist to feel the sweet cold as in Europe, see snow and opportunities to hiking and exploring ethnic villages minorities around Sapa or conquering Fansipan peak. This is also the time to welcome spring with peach, plum flower blossom and spring festivals of ethnic minorities in Sapa.
Some advices for tourist to Sa Pa this occasion: carrying fully warm clothes and not recommended for less cold travellers; This stage, Sapa rooms also are enough to meet the demand of travellers, but if you want to book a room in some hotel which are “served as Western-style” in the “old town” (often with a chimney), you should also make the reservation first.

Spring period (from the begin of March to the end of May)

This time, the climate is very cool and more sunny days. This is the time of blooming flowers and bearing fruits, also the time for preparing the new rice season of the local. Come to Sapa this time, tourists can enjoy fresh cool climate, eat many vegetables (local cabbage, Chinese broccoli, chayote…), salmon, pork stolen armpit, a lots of fruits such as peach, pear, plum, see many type of orchid, rose. This time, tourists also can take part to the hiking tour at the beautiful villages to experience the scene of ethnic minority people working on the majestic terraced fields.
Despite on the cool weather, travellers should bring a moderately warm clothes at night. The hotels are quite full, especially on weekend. Therefore, travellers should plan to come and stay for their reservations about a week or more in advance.

Summer period (from the begin of June to the end of August)

In summer, the weather is very hot, many visitors want to come to Sapa on this occasion. This period, Sapa weather is cool, from 15 degree to 25 degree. Come to Sapa in summer, tourists have the opportunity to admire the majestic waterfalls, green terraced fields.

Autumn Period (from the begin of September to the end of October)

Fall of Sa Pa has a brilliant yellow of flowers and plants, especially the vast terraced fields. This period, Sa Pa weather is dry and temperatures is moderate from 15 degree to 22 degree . This is an opportunity for tourists to hike to the villages for several days, enjoy the ripe rice on terraced fields when people are busy to harvest rice. It is also the chance for many photographers to take the masterpieces of Sapa colors.
This time is not the peak season, so it is not difficult to find accommodation in Sa Pa, adding that there is also good option to stay in homestays in the village. In the evening, the mountainous weather is still little cold, tourists need to bring some warm clothes.

Nguyen Thu Thuy – TIPC Lao Cai

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