Top 03 Natural Swimming Pool In Sapa

Sapa is too familiar to tourists with the famous tourist products such as: Fansipan cable car, Muong Hoa valley, stone church, Sapa love market… But there is a new experience that tourists only should experience in Sapa in the summer, that is swimming in streams or waterfalls in Sapa.

Sapa is endowed by nature with cool weather all year round, but sometime on hot summer days.

The waterfalls or cool blue streams also become the destination of many young tourists and foreign tourists.

Referring to natural spring in Sapa, the first thing to mention is Love waterfall.

Love Waterfall is located in Hoang Lien National Park, on the tourist route: Silver Waterfall, Heaven Gate, Golden Stream, Love Waterfall.

The waterfall has a height of about 37m flowing down the cool water from Hoang Lien old forest.

At the foot of the waterfall forms a natural swimming pool about 100m wide, creating space for visitors to freely swim.

Coming to Love waterfall, adventurous tourists also can participate in waterfall slide tour (canyoning tour) to try the thrill.

Love waterfall with canyoning tour

The second place to mention is Lavie waterfall in Ban Ho commune, located about 30km from the center of Sapa town.

Ban Ho commune is a community tourism village for a long time, famous for the traditional culture of the Tay people.

Coming to Ban Ho on summer days, most tourists will come to Lavie waterfall, where the water is clear, clean and cool to relax.

If you come to Ban Ho on cold days, there are natural hot springs. This area has been built by local people to welcome visitors, take a hot bath and serve food.

Lavie waterfall in Ban Ho

The next place that cannot be ignored is the streams and waterfalls in Cat Cat tourist area.

Invested and built into one of the most attractive private tourist attractions in Sapa. With a series of beautifully decorated photo spots, Tien Sa waterfall, traditional cultural performances…

In addition, when you come here, you will encounter many young locals as well as tourists soaking in the clear blue water.

There is nothing more wonderful than being immersed in nature in an airy and poetic space.

Beautiful stream and waterfall in Cat Cat tourist area

To have a safe and enjoyable trip with the experience of swimming in the streams and waterfalls in Sapa. Visitors should also note a few things as follows:

– Do not bathe in areas with fast flowing waterfalls or dangerous terrain.

– Do not bathe on days with the possibility of heavy rain and flash floods.

– It is recommended to take a bath with a group of friends, and have a local person who understands the terrain with you.

– Do not try risky actions, do not guarantee safety in your experience.

Wish you all for an interesting and fun experience when traveling in Sapa.

Thanh Tuan

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