Where Should You Visit When Traveling To Lao Cai This Summer

 Summer is an ideal time for vacations, exploring beautiful nature. Coming to Lao Cai in the summer, you must definitely visit the following attractive places.


With only 5 hours traveling by car from Hanoi, Sapa is a suitable destination for short rest and relaxation trips. Sapa in the summer with flowers blooming, with cool fresh air will definitely bring you a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Sa Pa has many beautiful scenes and interesting attractions for you to explore such as: Ancient stone church, Sa Pa cultural market, Ham Rong tourist area, ancient carved stone, Love waterfall, Silver waterfall, Cau May, Fansipan peak – the roof of Indochina. If you do not like the hustle and bustle, you can choose to visit and rest in peaceful and fresh villages such as: Lao Chai, Ta Van, Thanh Kim, Ban Ho, Ta Phin… Especially, Sa Pa also has beautiful terraced fields in the rainy season, located in the villages of Trung Chai, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ta Phin, and Hau Thao.

                                                    Golden terrace fields in Sa Pa

Bac Ha

Bac Ha is also a tourist destination to discovery in the summer, there are many places to visit such as: Hoang A Tuong palace, Bac Ha cultural market, Bac Ha temple, Ban Pho … Bac Ha market is the largest market, the most typical of the Northwest, open on Sunday only, still retaining many original and unique features of the old market. Hoang A Tuong palace, also known as the “King of Mong ethnic in Bac Ha” is an ancient mansion nearly hundred years old, right in the center of town. Nearly 100 years of existence with time, the mansion is still majestic, ancient and magnificent standing out in the middle of the town. Coming to Bac Ha in the summer, you have the opportunity to enjoy typical fruits of this land such as: peaches, Tam Hoa plums, pears… Tam Hoa plums start to ripen from the beginning of May, but the most ripe time at the beginning of June. Try to experience the walking among the plum groves by yourself, picking ripe berries with your hand, biting lightly to feel it. The sweet and sour taste of the specialty fruit here.

  Enjoy specialties: pear, plum

Bat Xat

Bat Xat is a border highland district with wild, rustic scenery, fresh air, friendly and hospitable people and beautiful highland villages like paradise. Come to Bat Xat, visit Muong Hum market, which still preserves many unique cultural features that take place every Sunday. Visit Dragon Waterfall, a beautiful waterfall in the area between Trung Ho village and Po Ho Ha village, Trung Leng Ho commune, a very suitable place for a weekend picnic. Also do not miss an attractive destination is Y Ty… Unlike the bustling Sa Pa, Y Ty is beautiful, simple and peaceful, with unique Trinh Tuong houses like giant mushrooms, with magical scenery. The fantasy of terraced fields in the rainy season and lovely flower.

Cool water at Dragon waterfall

Do not hesitate any longer, plan to experience the summer in Lao Cai right now.

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