Notes When Traveling To Sapa In The Summer

In the summer time, Sapa temperature is usually below 27 degrees, it’s so extremely cool and it’s the best choice for you to visit Vietnam in summer.

There are some notices for you to have one safe and funny summer vacation in Sapa.

  1. Travel clothing

Trekking shoes, cap, umbrella, raincoat are the things that you should not miss to discover Sapa in summer because its topography is mostly mountainous and not flat. It usually rains heavily in summer, so one umbrella or raincoat is needed when you want to go outside. One wind jacket will keep you warm in everning or while you go motobiking.

Visitors with comfortable clothes and umbrella  when travelling to Sapa in the summer

  1. Travel toiletries and medicines

In addition to women’s toiletries, skin sunscreen is needed for ladies while travelling Sapa because it’s so sunny in day time and Sapa’s temperature is low, so your skin will be burned red if you spend too much time in the sun. Gentlemen are also warned against sunlight too. Drugs to relieve common cold, pain- killers, sleeping pills, drugs against motion sickness are absolutely necessary for your flight and bus.

  1. Travel weather forecast update

Watching weather report before going out is needed and absolutely necessary to have a good visiting tour in Sapa. The weather is always changed quickly, so you just should visit Fansipan peak if it’s sunny all day. If it’s foggy, tourist villages such as Cat Cat, Lao Chai, Ta Van… are the best places to go. In case the weather is bad, it rains a lot everywhere, Sapa museum, coffee shops, traditional resraurants round the town are the best places to visit.

(Travellers visit the Sapa museum on rainy day)

 Trong Duy

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