Sports And Tourism Tour To Exploring Bac Ha

Time: 2 days

Transportation: Running, cycling, kayaking

Cycling to the villages around Bac Ha

Highlight: In order to create new attractive and different tourism products to attract tourists to Bac Ha. Bac H’Adventure tourism product (exploring Bac Ha) has been surveyed and detailed to be put into operation. New tourism products bring visitors new and unique experiences. You will be able to visiting, traveling combined with sports such as running, mountain biking, kayaking. You will discover the beautiful landscape, typical culture of Bac Ha White Plateau area under a new approach.

 Kayak on the rive


Day 1:  Visit the villages around the center of Bac Ha town. Experience running, mountain biking, folk games, visiting flower valley and experiencing local cuisine. – 8:00: Gather at the square in front of Hoang A Tuong palace, your tour guide will introduce and disseminate the route, notes and regulations when participating in Bac H’Adventure general sports & tourism product.

– 8:30: You will start in pairs, combine running and cycling from the square in front of Hoang A Tuong palace to Na Kim village – Na Kheo – Ban Pho – Na Hoi – Na Lo – Thai Giang Pho – Quyen Homestay – Lau Thi Ngai – Quan Din Ngai – Ban Pho – Hoang A Tuong palace.

– You will pass through the villages of the Tay, Nung, and Mong ethnic groups with unique traditional houses. Admire the vast mountains and forests, the golden terraced fields in the harvest season.

10:30:  After running and cycling 12.2km, you will stop at the flower valley to participate in the crossbow shooting game and other folk games.

– 11:30: Have lunch at the restaurant in the flower valley, enjoy dishes with Northwest style such as: Khau nhuc, free-range pig, wild vegetables…

– 14:00: Continue to experience the integrated sports & tourism product by cycling about 17km to explore the villages around Bac Ha before returning to the starting point at Hoang A Tuong palace.

– 16:00: Finish the first day of experience. Return to the hotel to rest and freely explore the Bac Ha White Plateau at night.

-19:00: Attend the gala dinner at Hoang A Tuong palace. You will enjoy dinner in the ancient palace more than 100 years old, enjoy local specialties and immerse yourself in the sound of the Mong flute by the campfire.


  Day 2:  Experience 3 sports combining running, mountain biking and kayaking on the Coc Ly hydroelectric lake. Combine exploring new and unspoiled tourist attractions in Bac Ha. – 7:30:  Gather at the square of Hoang A Tuong palace, your tour guide will introduce and disseminate the route and things to note when experiencing the product.

– 8:00:  You start running through the center of Bac Ha town, then turn to Ban Pho street – Hoang Thu Pho heaven gate. The distance is about 6.5km (mostly uphill).


– 8:45: You will start cycling 14.5km down to Coc Ly lake. The cycling distance is mainly downhill, on gravel and dirt roads. This route will bring you quite interesting experiences, especially if you are passionate about mountain biking.

– 10:00: Arrive Coc Ly lake to enjoy a new experience: kayaking on the lake. You will split into pairs (like day 1) to kayak in an arc with a distance of about 2km.

– 11:30: Lunch on the lake side.

– 13:00: Continue the journey in pairs, combining cycling and running uphill to the top of Phec Bung village, downhill to Na Hoi village and ending at Hoang A Tuong palace (the distance of running and cycling is about 20.8km)

– 17:00 Back to Hoang A Tuong palace. End of the tour./.

*** Notes when registering to experience sports & tourism tour (Bac H’Adventure):

– Sports & tourism tour are suitable for customers with good health, passion for experience and discovery.

– Should register as a couple.

– Encourage personal use of mountain bikes.

– There are water and snack points along the way (1 point on day 1, 3 points on day 2)

*** Include:

–  Hotel in Bac Ha (3 star hotel, 2 people/room)

– Meals according to the program

– Bicycle, kayak

– Uniforms, medals and gifts

– Travel insurance

– Water

*** Excludes:

– Transportation Bac Ha

– Other personal expenses

– VAT 10%

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