The Unique Culture Of Tay Ethnic Group In Lao Cai

Tay people are one of the oldest living communities in Lao Cai. The traditional culture of  Tay people has many interesting things waiting for you to discover.

Tay people in Lao Cai live mainly in some districts such as Bao Yen, Van Ban and Bac Ha.

The village is usually located near the busy urban areas, but they still preserve many unique cultural features, especially the rituals and traditional dishes.

Lao Cai province currently has 37 national intangible cultural heritages, and Tay people have 6 intangible cultural heritages honored. These are: The “Then” Tay ritual; The Tay – Giay ritual of tug, The “The” (dancing art) of Tay people in Ta Chai commune (Bac Ha district); The “Long Tong” Festival of Tay people in Van Ban; The “Mo Tham That” ritual of the Tay ethnic group in Van Ban district; The “Mo Tho Cong Ban” (offering to the God of Earth of the village) of Tay people of Van Ban district.

 “Danh yen” the traditional folk game of Tay ethnic

Tay people have a long-lasting traditional agriculture. They have their own secrets to choosing varieties and take care of plants, observing the weather, etc.

For example, when a gecko sounds odd, it’s raining, when it’s even, it’s sunny…

The “Long Tong” Festival (festival in the fields) is a cultural ritual expressing Tay people’s wish for a year of favorable rain and wind for a bountiful harvest.

Tay people’s costumes are woven by themselves from cotton fibers. Costumes are dyed by indigo both for men and women, with almost no decorative patterns.

Tay women often wear silver jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, checkers, etc.

Women’s costumes include belts, canvas shoes with straps, hair scarves and other accessories.

Tay ethnic group live in wooden stilts houses. They put their altar in the most solemn place of the house.

For Tay people, the traditional stilt house is the place where the customs and habits imbued with identity take place.

Tet holidays that are especially meaningful to Tay people such as the Lunar New Year, the full moon in January, the full moon in July, the new rice festival, etc; are all organized at their stilts houses.

These meals are hold to represent the reunion together cultivate, the warm and happy family life of Tay people.

Tourists experience fishing with Tay people

In the meal of Tay people, they cook together and enjoy traditional dishes such as traditional cakes, sticky rice inside bamboo, five-color sticky rice, sour bamboo shoots cooked with fish, grilled fish, grilled buffalo…

They sing their “then” songs with traditional musical instruments to express love between couples, praise the love of nature, the country…

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