Top 5 Green Homestays Worth Experiencing In Sapa

If you really need a place to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, Sapa will be the most reasonable choice for you. Coming to Sa Pa, choosing to stay in rustic homestays, being in harmony with nature, mountains and forests is definitely a memorable experience for your vacation

. Lao Cai tourism would like to introduce to you 5 homestays in a modern but rustic and extreme style in Sa Pa.

Utopia Eco Lodge.

As an isolated experience eco-resort, far from residential areas, dining and entertainment services are fully provided, so choosing a stay at Utopia Eco Lodge is very suitable for people who love nature. course.

The houses on the Utopia campus are designed simply and rustically based on the idea and shape of the wooden stilt house of the indigenous people.

At Utopia, there are 3 different room types: Bungalow on the hill, Bungalow along the stream, Family House.

See the wild villages, immense terraced fields, where there are green grasslands, where there are gentle streams and where the mountains touch the clouds.

You will feel the freedom and peace, immerse yourself in the peaceful scenery of a ripe rice season approaching.

With a 2-hectare campus, visitors can also organize barbecues, BBQs, outdoor meals, enjoy delicious and excellent food in an airy, fresh space, nothing is more wonderful. An ideal space for a great vacation for the whole family, friends to gather together.

Address: Giang Ta Chai village – Ta Van commune

Sali House

Sali house is located in Ta Van village, 9.5km from the center of Sapa town, located on the famous beautiful Muong Hoa Valley. In front is Muong Hoa stream, below is terraced fields.

In Sali, you will be an indigenous people dropping into the green space, listening to the murmuring stream, watching the terraced fields stretching along the mountains in the morning sun.

Sali house is a traditional wooden house of local people that still retains the long-standing cultural beauty.

You will enjoy seeing with your own eyes simple but very unique everyday items, touching and feeling the Mong people’s indigo-dyed jute blankets and pillows, which are meticulously hand-made sometimes.

It took a month, the amazing earthen walls were built with a special formula. Sali has a full kitchen, tools and spices so that you can cook for yourself, go to the market to buy the necessary supplies, and cook together meals like you are in your own home.

Address: Ta Van commune, Sa Pa

Phori’s House

Phori’s House is a beautiful little house located in Ta Van village, about 10 km from Sapa town.

Keeping the typical architecture of the wooden house of the H’mong family, the Phori house is a house dedicated to guests who love a unique experience in a small wooden house by the stream.

The homestay has a small yard and a lovely front porch that is both suitable for drinking tea in the early morning and ideal for a late evening dinner.

The ground floor and attic room on the left hand side is especially suitable for those who like the view to the outside open with lots of bright bright light.

The ground floor and the attic on the right hand side are reserved for those who prefer privacy and light with lots of warmth.

The house has a total of 4 private bedrooms, which can welcome groups of friends who love to travel together with the number of up to 12 to 16 people.

You can go to the market, use cloth bags available in the kitchen to buy food, have vegetables in the garden. All these will make you have a very peaceful stay in Sapa.

Address: Ta Van village, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Eco Palms House

Eco Palms House is located in Lao Chai village, a resort that is loved and chosen by many tourists. It owns a beautiful view and outstanding activities and services not to be missed. Unique but intimate design.

Eco Palms House consists of 5 bungalows, each bungalow is designed as typical houses of ethnic minorities living in Sapa including Mong, Red Dao, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho.

Each room gives you a great feeling of a rustic natural place, the room made from earth and straw is rustic, but when combined with modern furniture, it will bring a luxurious space.

Located on the beautiful terraces of the Northwest, the quiet space has a wonderful view, from the homestay you can see the whole mountain and terraces below, from the bedroom, the toilet… and every corner of the house can be viewed.

Seeing the eye-catching cascading rice fields makes everyone fall in love when coming to this beautiful Northwest.

Address: TT152, Lao Chai, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Topas Riverside Lodge

Located in Nam Cang village, quite far from Sapa town center and surrounded by mountains and small streams. You will enjoy relaxing moments with your family and loved ones.

In addition, because Nam Cang village is the main residence of the Red Dao people, when staying at Topas Riverside Lodge, visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the culture, lifestyle and activities of the indigenous people at here.

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge includes 7 twin/double rooms and 2 family rooms with full amenities no less than any luxury hotel.

The resort has a typical Scandinavian design combined with traditional folk beauty of indigenous ethnic minorities, drawing impressive cultural interferences between the Northwest mountains and forests.

Here, visitors can admire the magnificence of the mountains or watch the beautiful small villages in the valley.

The terraced fields are golden in the afternoon sun, listen to the sound of the majestic old forest and fully enjoy all the wonders of the country’s natural beauty in the Northwest highlands.

Address: Nam Cang, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Save the beautiful pictures of these homestays, so that when the epidemic passes, you can discover a completely different Sa Pa for yourself.

To make your trip more meaningful with full information and well-prepared, please contact or go directly to Lao Cai Information and Promotion Center, number 02 Fansipan, Sa Pa town, Lao Cai or call 0214 3871 975 for free, enthusiastic and professional advice.

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