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          In the articles on Lao Cai Province Smart Tourism Portal, you have learned about tourism, culture, cuisine, ethnic groups, etc. in Sapa. Today, let’s try with the author to looking for any new and interesting things in Sa Pa waiting for us, to see what is funny about Sa Pa!

          Coming to Sa Pa at the beginning of the year, it will be fun if we come to the right time the villages of 05 ethnic minority groups when they organizing traditional festivals to wish for a good new year. Peace, bumper crops, family peace. Traditional festivals such as the Tay festival in the fields of the Tay people in Ban Ho, Thanh Phu, the Giay people in Ta Van, the Gou Tao festival of the Mong people in Sin Chai village or the Dao people in Ta Phin village …

In addition to learning about traditional culture and traditions of the local people, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in fun folk games that require solidarity and collective strength. such as tug of war or boisterous games such as blindfolding to catch ducks, climbing fat pillars, walking on monkey bridge across  the streams or games requiring endurance such as pushing sticks…. The folk games are simple but always attract the participation of a large number of people and visitors.

New tourism product along Muong Hoa river

         If you don’t like simple games, you can try one of Sa Pa’s new adventure travel products – Canyoning at Love Waterfall – where you can take part in the challenge to overcome your limits. To join this adventure tour, you only need to spend half a day to visit the Golden Stream – Love Waterfall.

Here you will be taught basic climbing techniques, familiar with the protective equipment under the guidance of guides who have been trained by French adventure travel experts. Start conquering the challenge, you will have the opportunity to admire the rich vegetation when walking in Hoang Lien National Forest to reach the top of Love Waterfall.

Overcoming two small waterfalls to get used to the movements and the cold of the water, or the slippery of the cliffs take you to the top of Love waterfall, the highest waterfall in the journey (37m). You will be a little hesitant, heart palpitations, trembling due to the cold of the water or overwhelmed by the height and steepness of the waterfall.

Slowly calm down and listen to the instructions carefully from the guides, gradually sliding down the foot of the rushing waterfall. The next waterfalls are lower and less dangerous, where you can freely swim in the cool water or perform jumping movements from the high cliffs … It is a great experience to help you exploring nature and overcome the limits of yourself.

Canyoning at Love waterfall

           During the day, it was so fun, and Sa Pa at night also had a lot of unique fun, if coming to the center of Sapa town every Saturday night weekly, we are curious to see the “love market” of the Mong men and women.

Where you will be ecstatic in the quiet Mong pen-pipe when the warmth or soaring high notes are skillfully expressed by the Mong bottle guy. Combined with the sound of the breeze, the dance moves combine many movements of the boys and the Mong girls in traditional costumes.

Sa Pa love market has been associated with the Mong people and Sa Pa for many years, although not original, but also more fun to be in harmony with the unique culture of the people, or to join in the fun dance… And if you come to Sapa on the occasion of the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival every year, then immerse yourself in the enchanting light of the Mid-Autumn Festival with lanterns prepared, elaborate and monumental.

At the festival, you will admire a lot of lanterns with huge sizes, shapes and eye-catching light. Join the procession of the lights through the main streets through the town of Sapa, mingle with the crowd of people in the joyful atmosphere of the festival. This is an annual festival, held bigger and bigger to create a new playground for visitors in Sapa.

Nice swimming pool at Topas Ecolodge

Many fun like that are waiting for you! If you come to Sa Pa at different times of the year, there are many other pleasures waiting for you like looking for beautiful clouds, taking photos at the night market, check-in at flower gardens, infinity swimming pools, trekking tours, villages, contemplating the beauty of terraced fields, experience Red Dao herbal baths, sleeping at homestay, enjoy a farmer’s day and countless other games and entertainment activities , make sure anyone who has ever been to Sa Pa is happy all day and night time, happy all year round … Sa Pa is great place for visitor!


                                                                                                                     Photos and writen by Thanh Tuan

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