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Bac Ha White Plateau – The land is not as busy as Sa Pa, but it always knows how to attract tourists with its inherent sweetness. Let’s explore some places that you should not miss when coming to Bac Ha!

Bac Ha market

Bac Ha Market, which takes place every Sunday, is always the first destination to be remembered by Northwestern lovers. It is not only a place to buy and sell but also a place to gather the quintessence and cultural characteristics of the Mong, Tay and Nung people here. For local people, going to the market becomes an important event.

The market sells almost nothing, from clothes, daily items, fruits, food, food to buffaloes, dogs, chickens, pigs, etc. Going to the market, visitors do not miss the opportunity to enjoy specialties. In regions like Thang Co, also known as Khau Tha, which means “meat soup”, is cooked from many different types of meat, but the best is horse meat and a bowl of “sweet” corn wine of the Mong people will create the flavor of the mountains and forests. authentic.


Hoang A Tuong’s Palace

Hoang A Tuong Palace is a combination of unique Asian – European architecture. This is the mansion of father and son Hoang Yen TChao and Hoang A Tuong with a total area of ​​about 4,000m², built in 7 years (1914-1921),  located on a large hill in Chau Bac Ha, now is the center of Bac Ha town, behind and on both sides are mountains, in front there is a small winding stream and a mountain like a mother holding her child. The house that was once the most powerful in the region carries many stories about a time of Bac Ha, full of enchantment and mystery. It will be very interesting if you have the opportunity to come here to explore for yourself.

Ban Lien

Ban Lien is about 30 km from the district center. For those who love to explore and experience, motorbikes will be an extremely interesting means of transport. On the journey to Ban Lien commune, visitors will go from surprise to surprise by the poetic but equally majestic landscape, from houses on stilts covered with green moss roofs, tea trees peeking under the trees. palm trees,… Ban Lien is blessed with waterfalls, forests and unique culture of the Tay and Mong ethnic groups, in which the Tay people make up the majority, so the beauty of these beautiful landscapes is very beautiful. stilt house of the Tay people, the people always wear traditional costumes from production and business, daily life to the holidays of the year. has been attracting more and more tourists to explore Ban Lien.

Ban Pho

If Ban Lien is associated with the Tay, Ban Pho is home to many generations of Mong people. The houses of the H’mong are ground-floor houses built on high, clinging to the mountainside, cliffs, low floors and are also more airtight. Referring to Ban Pho is referring to corn wine – A name that is so familiar to tourists anywhere that people have called it with the dear name “Ban Pho corn wine”. This is the cradle of the winemaking profession that still retains its distinctive flavor. In particular, in recent years, this place is also famous for the Ai Thau steppe. A very suitable place to hunt clouds or picnic.

Ta Van Chu

Ta Van Chu is one of the attractive eco-tourism destinations of Bac Ha, about 20km from the center of Bac Ha district (Lao Cai) to the northwest. This place also preserves many traditional cultural features imbued with ethnic identities. Ta Van Chu is located between two high mountain ranges on both sides of Chay river, namely Nan Sin (Si Ma Cai district) and Cao Son (Muong Khuong district). About two mountain ranges are winding trails, looming villages where the majority of the Mong people live. In the forest, there is a scenic spot that should not be missed if you come here, which is Thien Long cave, also known as Dragon cave, which is ranked as a national monument.

With enchanting landscapes, gentle hospitable people, unique culture of ethnic minorities, especially delicious specialties, Bac Ha creates a special attraction to attract tourists. domestically and internationally.

Fairy Cave

Perhaps when it comes to this place, most tourists will feel surprised, but what is attractive if you continue to set foot in the lands that have been traveled too much already. To come to Hang Tien, visitors will go by boat on Chay River, on both sides are primeval forests creating a poetic landscape, high cliffs with various shapes on this side are elephants leaning down to drink stream. cool water, and on the other side is an eagle spreading its wings… This place is known as Fairy Stream.

Crossing the Tien stream 200m, visitors will immediately meet a large cave that can accommodate hundreds of people, feeling like a magnificent labyrinth given by nature, layered rocks, layers, giant stalactites like ancient towers. combined with cool water streams to create a magnificent scene, an airy and cool space. All hidden in the dim light of the cave.


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