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Visiting Ma Tra – Ta Phin villages To Experience: Strawberry Garden, Ancient Monastery And Experience Medical Herbal Bath

Journey to the west of Sapa town, admire the western landscape of Sapa, visit strawberry gardens and experience bathing in Red Dao medicinal herbs, explore and walk through the village of the Red Dao people when arriving at Ta Phin village . This 11km long journey will bring you many memorable experiences here.

   Detailed schedule

9:00 Gather at our office (or the tour guide will pick you up at the hotel) and we start the trip.

Meet a local guide and listen to the program, then trek 6km to Suoi Ho, Ma Tra and Giang Tra, the villages of black Mong ehnic, we will go through hills, terraced fields, and bamboo forests. Stop for lunch and rest at a small restaurant. Then at 1:00 we started going to Ta Phin, the village of red Dao ethnic. On the way you can see Dao women directly embroider brocade, visit Ta Phin strawberry garden, Ta Phin ancient monastery or Ta Phin cave.

In particular, you can also experience the medicinal bath service. With more than 10 different types of medicinal leaves, sometimes up to 120 types of medicinal leaves, used to treat muscle, bone, joint pain, flu, itching and constipation, helping to increase women’s physical strength after giving birth. , people after illness, people doing heavy labor.

Experience bathing with medicinal herbs of the Red Dao people

Experience picking strawberries at the garden

Then the car takes everyone back to Sapa and ends the trip.

  The program includes:

Local tour guide, friendly and enthusiastic

Tickets to visit places in the program

Lunch, car pick up to Sapa


Do Hoa

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