Speciality Foods From The Forest In Sa Pa

Sa Pa has the most beautiful scenery of the mountain, climate and also many special products in the Northerm of Vietnam, that make anyone who has been there must try on that season.

Enjoying special products, delicacies or finding products to buy as a gifts at each destination is the need of most visitors. Coming to Sa Pa, which is blessed by the nature with fresh air, cool climate, beautiful natural scenery will make you feel extremely comfortable and pleasant. Comfortable to visit and also more comfortable to enjoy the mountain products here.

Salmon, sturgeon

Referring to Sapa delicacies, perhaps the most famous is salmon, sturgeon. Locally raised by locals at farms near the foot of the mountain, taking advantage of the natural cold water from the streams. Salmon and sturgeon in Sapa are very clean and ensure quality as well as nutrients. In Sapa you can enjoy salmon specialties, sturgeon at all of the restaurants, popular dishes such as salad, hotpot, roasted or grilled. To take back as a gift, you can choose salmon trout or if you want to bring fresh fish, you must prepare them first and store in a foam container with ice to keep the fish fresh.


Mushroom grows in Hoang Lien forest at an altitude of about 2,000m, usually grows and thrives after the summer rains. Mushrooms with a light aroma, sweet and very rich in protein, vitamin B2, potassium, fiber … have the effect of lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood sugar … Sa Pa forest mushroom is suitable for cooking dishes with chicken, meat Pork, soup or stir-fry. The price of fresh forest mushrooms is often expensive and not much, you need to go to reputable establishments, or buy directly from the people to avoid buying Chinese mushrooms.

Tao Meo

A type of fruit that grows naturally in the forest, it is collected by the Mong people around August and September each year. Cat apples are often used to soak wine, make syrups … cat apples have the effect of slimming, reducing symptoms of flatulence, indigestion. In particular, Sapa apple cider is very familiar to indigenous people as well as tourists. If eaten fresh, this is a famous dish for girls when sweet and sour pickled and mixed with salt and chili.

Bamboo shoot

Bamboo shoot has a slender shape, about 20-30cm long, white and soft body. They grows naturally in the forest between February to April of the lunar calendar. It is a clean food with a sweet taste, suitable for processing with dishes such as stir-fried, stewed, spicy and sour salt. Come to Sa Pa in the season of bamboo shoots, try the fried chicken with bamboo shoots, drink with cider.

Chit insect

As a type of larva, usually grows in April every year in the stalks of Chit trees. Chit chit is often processed into dishes such as breaded deep fried, dry roasted or used to soak the wine. Deep alcohol is compared to cordyceps in Vietnam, helps to strengthen men’s health, increase the ability to recover the damaged immune system …

Sa Pa stream fish

It is a white fish with a flat body like a ditch, usually about 2-3 fingers big. The fish often grow along Muong Hoa stream, Lavie waterfall in Ban Ho, or streams along Nam Sai and Nam Cang communes. Fish without fishy odor in return is very fragrant, the processing is also very simple, just grilled over charcoal or fried crispy, rim tomato sauce, or grilled and then served with salt and grilled peppers, crushed in style Thai people eat very well with rice.

Wild honey

A priceless and natural gift given to Sa Pa, made by wild bees made from many different kinds of forest flowers in the Hoang Lien mountain range with unique aroma and many uses such as nourishing the body for children I have malnutrition, cure cough, stomach ache, cold. In addition, women are also preferred to support beauty. However, you should also go to reputable establishments to buy “genuine” honey, avoid buying in the market or along the way because these honey are often mixed, not guaranteed quality.

Sapa is always the ideal tourist destination, where you can breathe the fresh air of nature, away from the noise in the city. This beautiful land at the foot of the majestic Hoang Lien mountain range, all year round clouds covered with extremely rich vegetation and favorable climatic conditions, has produced a lot of delicious, unique objects. Sa Pa’s logo for you to enjoy or buy mountain products for gift that are not available everywhere.


                                                                                                    Photos colected, written by Thanh Tuan

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