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          Sapa is in the rice growing parts of Vietnam, the season starts when the rice is first sown. The season also vary  throught the different regions. It is also famous of 4 seasons in a day, so you will have unforgettable experiences in Sapa.

      The Spring

The Spring in Sapa start when the rice is firsr sown, normaly it take place from March until May when the weather start to warm un again and the magnificent mountain  ranges  burst into  colour with newly planted rice paddies and wildflowers peeding out. The temprature is usually mild at around 16℃.

      The Summer

The Summer in Sapa runs from June until August with an average temprature of  20℃, Summer is also the rainy season in Sapa, so prepare for the heavy rain, The rain tends to be brief.

The Summer is actually a great way to avoid the immense Summer heat to the tropocal in the rest of Vietnam since the temperature is milder. Coming to Sapa in the Summer you will find the rice paddies stunningly green.

       The Autumn

During the Fall, the rainy storms start to pass and the weather changes to bright sunshine and clear skies.

This season lasts September to November, it’s also the time for farmers start to harvest the majestic golden rice paddies. This is therefore a great season for photographing golden rice paddies.

The temperature tends to drop a bit at the end of the period and fog starts to come around one again.

      The winter

The winter in Sapa is when the fog and the colder weather truly return with temperatures around 10℃.

During this period , it would be a good idea to bring warm clothes, but the misty fog that envelopes the fertile mountains is an extraordinary experience, especially if you manage to catch the sunrise lighting up the mist.

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