What Is The Best Season To Go To Sapa?

Sapa every season is beautiful, every season is worth departing. If you want to find out and plan a suitable schedule, please note these times:

If you come to Sapa in winter to feel the white snow of Europe right in Vietnam. Spring with peach blossoms and plum blossoms in full bloom in the sky.

The best summer to avoid the harsh sun, enjoy the cool and fresh air. Finally, autumn is the season of ripe rice on the terraced fields of the village in Sapa.


plum blossom

With the chilly weather of spring, all over Sapa bloom with peach and plum blossom with chilly air all day.

Along the hiking trails in the enchanting primeval forests see azaleas, learn about the vegetation and conquer the high mountains.

Sitting at night chilling on the mountain watching the galaxies is a great experience with beautiful photos.

Fortunately, on clear cloudy days, at noon, the glimmer of light dispels the fog will give you a colorful Sapa. All like creating a beautiful picture for you to feel the sun and wind of Sapa when you travel in the spring.

At this time, traveling to a homestay of indigenous people, you will experience the colorful parties and traditional festivals of the indigenous people to welcome the new year.


With the harsh atmosphere in Vietnam, in the summer with the heat like pouring fire, coming to Sapa, you will feel the gentle atmosphere here.

Indigenous people start the plowing season, the terraced fields will be plowed and filled with water by the hands of the villagers, creating a wonderful glittering picture.

This time attracts a lot of photographers here, the most beautiful moments of the day are at sunrise and sunset. You will see the hills and mountains dressed in the green color of terraced fields.

This season is also the season of ripe plums – a specialty of Sapa, which will also be a gift you definitely won’t be able to ignore when visiting this land. Sapa is also the fruit basket of the North.


Golden rice fields in the autumn

 August is the time when the rice is in full bloom. An immense green of Muong Hoa valley.

The atmosphere is very clean and fresh. Walking through green fields like this, even in summer, you will feels cool. And September – October is the season of ripe rice.

You imagine a vast Muong Hoa valley from green to brilliant yellow.

A truly wonderful sight. When the local people start to harvest rice, you can go on trekking tours around the villages, experience farming with the locals by joining them in harvesting rice and staying at homestays in the villages. ..

it’s great after a day of fun and experiences and in the evening join a new dinner party with local people…


Sea of clouds in Sa Pa

This time is quite cold, the temperature will drop to 0 – 10 degrees. Villages with an altitude below 2000m above sea level will often be covered with fog, and the mountains will start to be dry and cold.

The insects and venomous snakes begin to hibernate and the hiking trails are quite dry.

In the climbing season, when you start from the foothills of the mountains to the middle and the top of the mountain, you will see the weather change dramatically.

You can see beautiful clouds that only we can see when traveling by plane. You can also see the snow fall depending on the weather each year.

Each season, each month of Sapa has its own beauty and experience, but if it is convenient to say, there are many beautiful scenes, from May, September and November will be the most ideal time.

Don’t forget to plan and schedule your trip to Sapa so that it is reasonable and economical. Sapa is waiting for you with breathtaking beauty, come and feel it!

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