Where To Visit In Lao Cai To See The Yellow Rice Season?

In the autumn, the weather is cool and pleasant, the land of Lao Cai also puts on a brilliant yellow color all over the mountains and hillsides. Let’s admire the yellow season of Lao Cai at famous tourist destinations such as Sa Pa, Bac Ha, Bat Xat…


Autumn, the season of ripe rice, the terraced fields along the mountainside are brilliantly yellow, bringing a strange fluttering beauty.

Sapa in autumn with green mountains, white clouds and yellow rice creates a beautiful natural picture. You can go around the villages of Ta Phin, Ta Van, Trung Chai, Suoi Thau, and Nam Cang to inhale the aroma of ripe rice.

Photo: The terraced fields of Sapa are brilliantly yellow

Bat Xat

Bat Xat autumn is also extremely attractive with the sweet autumn sun, the charming scenery of terraced fields dyed in yellow color of ripe rice.

Exploring Bat Xat in the autumn, you can visit Y Ty commune to walk among the fields and relax in the clouds and discover the houses of the Ha ethnic people. Second.

Or you can also explore the special terraced fields in Den Sang, which overlap each other like stairs to the blue sky, creating a beautiful landscape picture.

In addition, the ripe rice season of Sang Ma Sao is also full of charm with the valley of terraced fields, enveloping the houses of the Mong and Dao people scattered in the valley.

Bat Xat autumn with sweet autumn sun, charming scenery of terraced fields dyed in yellow color of ripe rice

Photo: Peaceful yellow season Y Ty

Bac Ha

Bac Ha white plateau in autumn has poetic natural scenery, cool weather and yellow rice fields. Autumn is also the time when the terraced fields on the way to Ban Lien commune begin to turn yellow and stretch on the mountainside.

The Tay and Hmong girls are radiant, attractive in traditional clothes, smiling brightly when adding another bumper season.

The scent of ripe rice gently, subtly spreads throughout the space along with the fresh and cool forest scent that blends with the mountains and forests, making people’s hearts more captivating.

Photo: The terraced fields of Bac Ha are ripe yellow

If you are a person who likes to experience and love nature, then once come to this land to exploring and feeling.

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