Fireworks Show Locations In Lao Cai Province To Celebrate New Year 2024

In Lao Cai province, fireworks show will be held on New Year’s Eve to welcome the new year. If you traveling to Lao Cai on this occasion, you can refer to the article to choose for yourself a beautiful spot to enjoy the fireworks show.

There 5 places where travellers can enjoy fireworks in Lao Cai. There are 2 fireworks viewing spots in the city: Dinh Le st, Kim Tan, Lao Cai city and The Manor Tower Lao Cai, Tran Hung Dao boulevard, Bac Cuong, Lao Cai city.

1 fireworks viewing spot in Bac Ha stadium, Bac Ha district.

1 spot in the culture park, Pho Lu town, Bao Thang district.

The last spot in the center lake area, Khanh Yen town, Van Ban district.

Tourists traveling to Lao Cai province during the Tet can enjoy the fireworks display , this is the best choise for you and you family.

(Fireworks show in Lao Cai city)

Time of the display: 09.00 pm, Friday, 9 February 2024 (Vietnamese lunar New Year’s Eve).

Besides, visitors can also stay in Lao Cai city until 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., choosing a beautiful location along Thuy Hoa park to admire the fireworks display in He Khau district – China.            The notification of fireworks celebrating was made in writing 233/UBND-VX, 15 January 2024 of Lao Cai Provincial People’s Committee.

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