Traditional Musical Instrument Of Mong Ethnic In Sapa

Mong people were the first to migrate to Sapa, about 200 years ago. Due the habit of living on high mountain, at present, the habitat of the Mong people is mainly concentrated in Hoang Lien, Cau May, Muong Hoa, Ngu Chi Soncommunes.

Mong people have a rich and unique folk culture from traditional musical instruments to folk songs, folk dance and folk game. Traditional musical instrument of Mong people in Sapa:

Khen: Khen is a unique instrument of the Mong people that is only used to see off the souls of the dead to the ancestors and only the son can blow.

Khen is made from 6 bamboo tubes of different lengths. The body is made of of pine trees. Khen and its tubes are attached together by the peach tree bark.

Each pine is equipped with a brass blade to play the sound.

Pen-pipe performance

Drum: Like khen, the drum musical instrument of the Mong people is a kind of spiritual instrument used only in funeral.

The drum is made of wood, two heads covered with goat skin or cowhide. The drum of the Mong people have many different shapes: The school drum shape, the ring adge, the tube shape, the straight edge and so on.

When beating the drum, people use two small punchers to tap on the empty face or the empty edge to create different sounds.

Traditional drum of the Mong people is a kind of spiritual instrument

Two strings: Is a string instrument with two strings, one large and one small.

The two string is made of naturally available materials: Nhi’s body is made of bamboo, two heads covered with cowhide or frog skin. The string made of horse tail, is drawn in a bow shape.

Bell: The Mong’s bell is made of copper and has different sixes. The bell is used in worshiping ceremonies to eliminate evil spirits, call souls, healing or in the funerals, so it is mainly used by shaman.

Horn: The horn is made from buffalo horn. Buffalo horn are shaved and polished, both ends are punctured, and the point is used to blow.

The horn only has a fixed sound and very large volume and often used to blow in the funerals or to chase bears and tigers away.

Lip harp: The lip harp is made of copper leat and about 10 cm long. The main part of the lip harp is triangular copper leaf.

The player one hand hold the handles, one hand plucks the head. The sound of lip harp is very small so only being able to play when the night is empty to confess and confide in your lover.

Tube singing: Is a very unique, passionate and attractive singing style, which is a cultural beauty in the daily life of people in Mong villages.

This type of singing is called tube singing because every time you sing, you have to use bamboo tube is transmitting with a stethoscope made od hollow cork with two heads that are 10 or more cm long, one head made of a frog skin tension or a long thin paper.

Two tubes connected to the ends of a thread are about a few dozen meters long, the paper or frog skin has a small hole, two threads threaded into the hole of the drum on the empty face, the head has a piece of toothpick to the end of the wire from falling and can stretch the string when talking and singing.

In such a way, the bamboo tube became a very attractive and interesting means of exchanging emotions.

Sinh Tien dancing performance

Sinh Tien Dance: The Sinh Tien dance is one of folk dance styles loved by Mong people, ingrained in the subconscious and kept to this day.

Dance is performed mainly on traditional ceremonies and cultural festival…especially the Gau Tao festival.

When dancing, the dancer hold the money stick and make the stick lightly touch parts of the body like hands, feet, shoulders, feet skillfully at the same time to create a funny but flexible sound.

Let’s come to Sapa and spend your time to exploring all of unique cultural and traditional musical instrument of Mong people.

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