Sapa’s Specialties Fruit In The Summer

Unlike the sweltering weather of other provinces, in Sapa the summer has the mildest and coolest temperature. Summer is also the harvest season of the fruit gardens here.

In June and July in Sapa is also the time when plums, peaches, pears, etc begin to ripen and this is also the time when many tourists come to Sapa to both travel and pick their own specialties fruit.


The plum gardens in Sapa in the summer create a beautiful scene with a variety of sweet and colorful Sapa plums. The plums are small round in shape, bright red and succulent. The sweet and fragrant taste of Sapa plum captivates those who enjoy it. You can buy fresh plums from local orchards or participate in the plum picking process directly for a fun experience and enjoy the fresh taste of this fruit. The address of the plum garden is: The plum garden at the Sapa Temperate Tree Research and Development Center and the Plum Garden on Dien Bien Phu Street facing up to O Quy Ho pass.


Sapa pears are round, have white flesh, brown skin, lots of water, and have a sweet taste. The ripe pear season lasts from June to August. Sapa pears are sold a lot in the market or sold by people on the roadside. Visitors can also visit the pear garden and buy it as a gift.

Address: Le Sapa garden In O Quy Ho ward (Along the O Quy Ho pass is usually the place with the most fruit gardens, but only about 3-4 gardens have this pear variety).

Pear garden at the Sa Pa temperate fruit tree research and production camp under the Lao Cai Agro-Forestry Seed Center.

Pear garden in Ta Van Giay village 2


Sa Pa peach fruit is small, hairy but has a crispy and fragrant taste. The ripe peach season in Sa Pa lasts from mid-May to mid-June. The place where visitors can experience fruit picking in the garden is Ta Phin village, about 12 km east of the town center. The garden owners do not open the service, so visitors who want to pick them need to ask for permission or contact them in advance. Visitors come to experience are free of charge, but only have to pay for the number of peaches picked, priced at 50,000 – 60,000 VND/kg.

In addition to peaches, Ta Phin village is also in the strawberry harvest season. Strawberry gardens here stretch along the hillside, concentrated in Ma Tra village. Pears in Sa Pa are also very famous, but it is not until July that the harvest season begins.

Not only enjoying Sa Pa fruits, you can also participate in activities such as walking through plum orchards, visiting the process of planting and caring for plum trees, or participating in local plum festivals to understand more. about the culture and customs of the people of Sapa. This will be a great experience to discover and enjoy the typical products of Sapa mountains.

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