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First Time to Sapa?

The Original Rattan Bridge In Giang Ta Chai Village

Sapa is well know with Silver waterfall and Rattan bridge” The first sentence of any visitor when coming to Sapa. The original Rattan bridge located in Giang Ta Chai village, build by local people who live along Muong Hoa valley, about 13km away from center of Sapa. In the past, the villagers went to the […]

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Sin Chai – The Most Original Village In Sapa

Sapa has been long famous in the heart of visitors with the stone church or the roof of Indochina – Fansipan Mt… However, the wave of tourism has flooded into Sapa, causing it to gradually become commercialized. Even so there are still simple, rustic villages full of friendliness, and Sin Chai is the most original […]

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Sapa specialties – Top 05 Must-Eat Food In Sa Pa

Sapa is not only famous with the beautiful of scenery, cool and fresh air, but also contains the typical flavors of the Northwest. There are top 05 must-eat food dishes that anyone who comes here must definitely try, because nowhere else has that taste. Salmon salad/ Sturgeon hotpot The temperate climate in Sa Pa has […]

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Where Should You Go To See Beautiful Scenery And Villages In Sa Pa

If you are traveling to Sa Pa in the future, do not miss you time to visit some of most beautiful village and sigh-seeing place in Sa Pa, such as: Ta Phin village Ta Phin village is home of two ethnic groups are Red Dao and Black Mong, about 14km east of Sa Pa town […]

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Discover the typical tourist attractions in Sapa

Sapa is located in Lao Cai province, with a terrain of 1600 meters above sea level. The cool air of the mountain and beautiful unspoiled landscape are the factors that help Sapa become a famous resort in the North of Vietnam. In order not to miss the opportunity to explore this beautiful mountain resort, Lao […]

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Transportation from Lao Cai city to Bat Xat, Sa Pa and Bac Ha

Lao Cai has become a potential tourist destination with famous places such as Bac Ha, Sa Pa, Bat Xat… Lao Cai tourism is growing day by day, so the demand for travel from the center of Lao Cai to tourist destinations is increasingly. Do not ignore the information of transport from Lao Cai to the […]

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Sapa Stone Church – The Symbol Of The City In The Mist

Any visitor come to Sa Pa must have at least once photo with Sapa stone church. Although many years have passed, many new constructions have sprung up in this land, Sa Pa stone church is still a symbol – an indispensable check-in point for visitors when coming to the city in the mist. Located in […]

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Don’t Miss The Trip To Hoang Lien National Park And Fansipan Peak

You’ve probably heard a lot about Fansipan Mountain at an altitude of 3143m was dubbed the roof of Indochina?  But, have you ever heard about Hoang Lien Son National Park? I bet we will have more interesting things to talk when you go there and try trekking there! Hoang Lien National Park is located in […]

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The Beauty Of The Ripe Rice Season In Ta Cu Ty

Ta Cu Ty is a commune of Bac Ha district, about 30 kilometers from town to the north-east. It is one of the most traditional villages and beautiful terraced fields in the White Highland. Near to the harvest, terraces covering the villages with its yellow colors look like romantic picturesque. Although it’s not a popular […]

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Seo My Ty – Peaceful Retreat In The Hoang Lien Range

Seo My Ty – a new destination for tourists where still retains the characteristics of the Hmong village in Sapa with the traditional house made from po mu wood, the terraced fields winding around the highest artificial lake of Indochina, peach and plum trees, vegetable gardens, anilams…Will  make you feeling  very peaceful. Seo My Ty […]

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